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Patrick Montero
Prosthetic hand workshop
Friday, November 22, 2019

Maker Arts Space

The Maker Arts Space in VCAM houses an array of high-tech devices, such as a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and a 3D scanner, as well as lots of design software.

At a recent workshop, Bella Merchant BMC '21 and Rasaaq Shittu ‘23 helped make 3D-printed prosthetic hands with a member of E-Nable, an international volunteer organization that provides 3D-printed prosthetics to those in need. Photo: Kent Watson.

Edouard Baldus, French (1813-1889), Les Ramparts a Avignon, 1856/1860s
Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Survey of Recent Acquisitions of Photographs from 2017-2019

A Survey of Recent Acquisitions of Photographs from 2017-2019

Through December 8, 2019
Atrium Gallery, Jane Lutnick Fine Arts Center

This new exhibit presents 40 recent acquisitions that illustrate the story of the photographic artform from landscapes and portraits to travel, photojournalism, and conceptual works. Details »

Edouard Baldus, French (1813-1889), Les Ramparts a Avignon, 1856/1860s

300th Tree Planting
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Campus

Our campus has 200 acres of award-winning architecture and landscaping; more than 50 academic, athletic, and residential buildings; and a nationally recognized arboretum with 400 species of trees and shrubs, a 3.5-acre duck pond, gardens, and wooded areas.

The arboretum renewal program reached its goal of planting 300 trees on campus by the end of 2019. The 300th tree planted this year by the arboretum staff is a dawn redwood (Metasequoia) and can be found by the Walton Road entrance to the campus. Photo: Patrick Montero.

Cool Classes: Biology
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

COOL CLASSES: “Global Change Biology”

COOL CLASSES: “Global Change Biology”

Taught by Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Jamie Becker, this biology course for non-majors explores how human activities impact Earth’s climate and, in turn, all living things on the planet.

Our Cool Classes blog series highlights interesting, unusual, and unique courses that enrich the Haverford College experience.

The class met outside on another nice fall day. Photo by Claire Blood-Cheney ’20. See what other courses the Department of Biology is offering this semester.

Impact challenge workshop
Monday, November 18, 2019

Haverford Innovations Program

The Haverford Innovations Program (HIP) encourages and supports creative and strategic thinking around a problem, a need, a question, or simply an interest. The goal is to find new solutions and opportunities for entrepreneurial projects and paths of learning.

Sponsored by Haverford Innovations Program and Swarthmore’s Center for Innovation and Leadership, a daylong Impact Challenge led by Alexandra Wolkoff '14 from Puentes de Salud encouraged students to develop novel solutions to support Latinx immigrant communities in Philadelphia. Photo: Shayna Nickel.

Matthew Farmer stands near his bookcase in his office
Friday, November 15, 2019

Faculty – Matthew Farmer

An expert on Greek comedy, Assistant Professor of classics Matthew Farmer has taught elementary and intermediate Latin, and last year introduced the course “Sex and Power in the Ancient World.”

Read Office Hour in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Haverford Magazine.

Matthew Farmer's office in Hall building includes photos of his family, sidewalk chalk, a black squirrel, and copies of his book, Tragedy on the Comic Stage. Photo: Patrick Montero.

Lilian Feist stands in front of a whiteboard covered with writing while explaining her diagram
Thursday, November 14, 2019

COOL CLASSES: “Public Policy Analysis”

COOL CLASSES: “Public Policy Analysis”

Taught by Associate Professor of Political Science Zachary Oberfield, this course helps students develop a deeper understanding of how public policy is made while introducing students to policy analysis—the art and science of providing problem-solving advice.

Our Cool Classes blog series highlights interesting, unusual, and unique courses that enrich the Haverford College experience.

Lilian Feist '20 explains her diagram to the class. Photo: Cole Sansom ’19. See what other courses the Department of Political Science is offering this semester.

A dancer stands with back to the camera while leading other members in a Step dance routine
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CLUB LIFE: Iconic Step Team


Iconic is Haverford’s Step team, founded in 2018 and led by Raveen Green ’22 and Davion Williams ’22. Stepping uses the body as an instrument, and incorporates stomping, clapping, and spoken word to create a beat.

Club Life at Haverford is a blog series exploring student-run extracurricular activities.

Davion Williams ’22, center, leads the Iconic step team practice in Marshall Auditorium. From left: Cathy Zhu '23, Raveen Green ’22, Zarahy Rivas ’22, Davion Williams ’22 (facing away) Victoria Brown ’23, Erica Kaunang '22, and Natasha Rojas ’22. Photo: Holden Blanco '17

biohitech sprout digester decorated with a nametag and googly eyes
Tuesday, November 12, 2019


As a core institutional principle, sustainability animates ​Haverford's broad mission of stewarding ​its​ financial, ethical, and curricular endowments in the interest of educating principled global citizens while safeguarding intergenerational equity as a perpetual institution.

Dining Services uses an aerobic digester (named "Munchy Crunchy, Grinds Up Your Lunchy" by students via an Instagram poll) to process pre- and post-consumer food waste from the Dining Center, as well as pre-consumer food waste from the Coop. Photo: Patrick Montero.

Three students pose with a new collection of diverse philosophy texts named in their honor
Monday, November 11, 2019

Philosophy at Haverford

Philosophy majors and minors at Haverford are part of an active community of faculty and students committed to exploring the ideas on which we base our understanding of reason, value, and our very existence.

Named after one alumnus and two current students—(from left) Bradford Gladstone ’18, Andrew Lee ’20, and Aarushi Mohan ’20—the Department of Philosophy's new Gladstone Lee Mohan collection features works by authors from backgrounds currently underrepresented in the profession, affirming Haverford’s commitment to diversity. Photo: Patrick Montero