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Patrick Montero
Black Students' League Fashion Show
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Student Engagement - Black Students' League

Haverford has more than 125 student groups that publish magazines, host symposia, sing a cappella, discuss religion and spirituality, stay politically active, maintain a system of student self-government, dance, demonstrate, and create.

The Black Students' League's annual fashion show focused more on an art exhibition and performances centered around the beauty of the black skin and body, rather than its usual focus on fashion designers and clothes. Photo: Claire Blood-Cheney '20.

The Giant's Causeway
Monday, May 28, 2018

Study Abroad Photo Contest

“As a queer person of color, I would say that my study abroad experience not only enabled me to engage with and consider my identity within the freedom of another culture, but the time spent away from America also helped me to contextualize previous experiences and believe in a wider, more pronounced version of global citizenship.” – Matthew Ridley '19

Each year more than 130 Haverford students take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.

The 2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest third-place winner in the Places category: Marina Mundo '18, "The Giant's Causeway," taken in Northern Ireland.

Skyline of Prague
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Study Abroad Photo Contest

“I never understood what a 'life-changing' experience was until I went to Rome. I walked in with eyes half-lidded and walked out with a new respect for the beauty of the world and its infinite complexities.” – Zakery Oglesby '17

Each year more than 130 Haverford students take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.

The 2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest second-place winner in the Places category: Claire Michel '18, "Prague Skyline", taken in the Czech Republic.

A hand holding an astrolabe.
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Office Hour – Darin Hayton

Associate Professor of History Darin Hayton teaches an introduction to the history of Western science, as well as courses on the scientific revolution, plagues and epidemics, and the history of museums.

Read Office Hour in the Winter 2018 issue of Haverford Magazine.

Hayton's office displays some of the “weird stuff” he collects, including a Gothic-style astrolabe made by a contemporary craftsman in Switzerland that he uses as a teaching tool. Photo: Patrick Montero

A man displays speaks in front of a class about a presentation of the human brain
Monday, May 21, 2018

Distinguished Visitors - Greg Dunn

Haverford hosts guest speakers through programs such as Distinguished Visitors, the Young Academic Alumni Lecture Series, and the Mark and Lillian Shapiro Speaking Initiative. These lectures, classroom visits, and workshops enhance and supplement the core curriculum.

Neuroscientist and artist Greg Dunn, who works at the intersection of visual representation and experimental science, visited campus to discuss his piece, Self Reflected, that is on display at the Franklin Institute. Photo: Claire Chenyu Wang ’20.