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Patrick Montero
Alexander Norquist, Sorelle Friedler, Matt Danielson, and Allyson Lynch
Monday, September 23, 2019

Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center

The interdisciplinary faculty behind the “Dark Reactions Project” and eight of their students co-authored an article identifying previously unacknowledged human biases in chemical reaction data that impedes exploratory inorganic synthesis. Some of the members of the research team behind the Nature paper: (from left) Professor of Chemistry Alexander Norquist, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Sorelle Friedler, Matt Danielson '21, and Allyson Lynch '21. Photo by Patrick Montero. 

Lagoon nebula
Friday, September 20, 2019

The Cosmos Viewed from Earth and Outer Space from 1949 to the Present

The Cosmos Viewed from Earth and Outer Space from 1949 to the Present

Through October 6, 2019
Atrium Gallery, Jane Lutnick Fine Arts Center

This new exhibit presents 40 color photographs made from Hubble Telescope’s high-definition images. They were sized, edited, and printed for maximum detail and optical color balance in the digital imaging labs in the Jane Lutnick Fine Arts Center. Details »

Lagoon Nebula (visible light) 4/19/2018

Arctic expedition
Thursday, September 19, 2019


Haverfordians are lifelong learners. The College's intellectually stimulating travel excursions for alumni are a popular way to explore the world alongside local guides, guest lecturers, and Haverford faculty experts

During the summer, 17 alumni and parents, along with 11 friends and family members, traveled to the Arctic Circle with Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies Helen White to see the pristine fjords, glimmering glaciers, and the dramatic effects of climate change on the world's most majestic landscapes. 

A man teaches in front of a group of students with laptops
Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Free for All

“Open science is not just about having methods and data and publications open to everyone, but also considering who participates in science. We’re interested in opening the doors of science to everybody, because more diverse perspectives among scientists produce more creative and impactful research ideas and findings.” – Professor of Psychology Benjamin Le

Read "Free for All" in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Haverford Magazine.

Le’s new course “Open Science and Inclusive Psychology” is one of the nation’s only undergraduate courses of its kind. Photo: Cole Samson '19

Dining Center Takeout Container
Tuesday, September 17, 2019


As a core institutional principle, sustainability animates ​Haverford's broad mission of stewarding ​its​ financial, ethical, and curricular endowments in the interest of educating principled global citizens while safeguarding intergenerational equity as a perpetual institution.

The Dining Center introduced a reusable takeout container this semester that will further reduce waste.  Photo: Patrick Montero.

Monday, September 16, 2019

DocuLabs 2019: The Bicentennial in Philadelphia

Funded by the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities, this year's Summer Doculab Fellows researched the history and memory of Philadelphia's 1976 celebration of the American Bicentennial with Visiting Assistant Professor of English Thomas Devaney, who was inspired by the subject following a course he taught on Philadelphia as part of the Tri-Co Philly Program.

Julia Coletti ’21(left) and Hilary Brashear ’13 preparing to film the marching band as part of the Summer 2019 Doculab. Photo: Patrick Montero.

Charlotte Eisenberg '19 poses on the baseball field
Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pipeline to the MLB

The skills picked up at Haverford—critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and a sophisticated understanding of data—have turned out to be an ideal fit for key front office roles in Major League Baseball. And as a growing number of alumni get established in the industry, they are opening doors for younger alums.

Read "Pipeline to the MLB" in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Haverford Magazine.

The analytic skills of math major Charlotte Eisenberg '19 earned her a trainee position with the Texas Rangers—thanks to a connection she forged with Casey Fox '15, a player development assistant with the team. Photo: Patrick Montero

The book The Quaker City interior
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

In the Collection: The Quaker City

First issued issued in serial installments in 1844-45, then published in book form, The Quaker City; Or, the Monks of Monk Hall is part of Lutnick Library’s Quaker fiction collection, which was begun in the 1960s with a donation of 250 books. Now grown to almost 2,000 volumes, the collection includes fiction books that have Quaker characters and/or are written by Quaker authors, and continues to grow as new books appear.

"In the Collection" highlights some of the rare and marvelous items that are part of Lutnick Library's Quaker & Special Collections.

According to Emma J. Lapsansky-Werner, professor emeritus of history and former curator of the Quaker Collection, "the novel helped to solidify notions of urban life and capitalism as cauldrons of sin, greed, and debauchery, and to promote upstanding Quakers as the antithesis of urban low-life." Photo: Patrick Montero.

An arch stands alone in a craggy landscape with different colored rectangles layered on top
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Time for Farewells

Through October 11, 2019
Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

Casting aside the constraints of traditional notions and existing power structures, the artists of A Time for Farewells present sculptures, drawings, videos, and photographic works that collectively imagine a future radically different from our present, in the hope that the act of imagining can be an impetus for change. Details »

Atul Bhalla, Anhedonic Landscape, 2019. Archival Pigment Print. Courtesy: Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi.