Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Haverford's intentionally diverse curricular requirements ensure that our students are well-rounded, expansive thinkers. Students take courses in each of three major academic divisions for a variety of ideas, concepts, and intellectual approaches.

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Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty are some of the best and brightest in their fields. Get to know them through our Office Hour series where faculty members give us a tour of their offices, or through some recent faculty news coverage.

Our Faculty

  • 734

    courses at Haveford

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    classes offered by the schools in the Tri-College Consortium

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    of students have a minor or concentration

Academic Partnerships

Our unique four-college exchange program with Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, and the University of Pennsylvania allows us to retain the strengths of the small college experience, while offering the expanded resources and opportunities usually found at a larger university. Haverford students can take a staggering array of classes at any of these Quaker Consortium schools.


Tri-College Consortium

Thanks to collaboration between the students, faculty, and staff within the Tri-College Consortium (Tri-Co), the depth and breadth of your Haverford education are second to none.

The Tri-Co Philly Program is a semester-long, non-residential program that provides students both curricular and co-curricular activities in Philadelphia. Photo: Justin Brendel '18.

Degree Partnership Programs

Haverford College has forged innovative partnerships with some of the world's top academic institutions to offer students additional opportunities for graduate study. These accelerated-degree partnership programs mean you can get a head start on your master’s degree!

Perelman Quad, University of Pennsylvania. Degree Partnerships

Senior Thesis

Every student completes a senior thesis here. As the culmination of your academic experience, this is your opportunity to do original independent research in partnership with faculty members, at levels usually reserved for graduate students.

"People often assume that research is this solitary practice, but I work with four or five students each year, and we’re really actively collaborating every day."

— Suzanne Amador Kane, Professior of Physics

Academic Centers

Haverford’s three Academic Centers provide opportunities for students and faculty to enrich their scholarship beyond the classroom. In addition to hosting influential speakers, events, and symposia, the Centers are your primary funding source for internships and externships.

Students examine graffiti while studying abroad through the CPGC.

Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC)

Through the CPGC, you can develop project proposals to attend conferences, do deeper senior thesis research, or influence campus conversations by bringing speakers or symposia to campus. And the summer internship program allows students to integrate scholarly learning with practical experience, sending students across the globe on self-designed projects.


A student conducting research in the KINSC.

Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center (KINSC)

The KINSC catalyzes and facilitates programs that maintain Haverford’s position at the leading edge of academic excellence in the sciences. Here, the faculty, staff, and students share instruments, methodologies, and expertise across disciplines in collaborative research and investigation. From NMR machines and electron microscopes to ultracentrifuges and telescopes, the KINSC houses everything you need to develop as a scientist.


people interacting with an exhibition in the cantor fitzgerald gallery

Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities (HCAH)

The HCAH connects our campus with the writers, artists, performers, thinkers, activists, and innovators of today and generations past. Here, in exhibition spaces that double as active classrooms, diverse art and ideas drawn from multiple disciplines will challenge and enlighten the way you see the world.


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students council and honor council face a crowd of Haverford students during plenary

During Plenary, which happens twice every school year, you’ll gather with peers to raise, discuss, and debate campus issues.

The Honor Code

Of the many facets that distinguish Haverford, the Honor Code truly sets the college apart. Throughout your time on campus, the common bond created by the Honor Code will enable you to guide your academic affairs, debate the status quo, and support your peers as you all transform as learners and human beings.

The Honor Code

Our libraries are sanctuaries for studying and buzzing hives of research.

With exceptional collections, rare titles, and art and artifacts, along with the latest research tools, our library system exists and evolves to develop your academic excellence and personal growth through a liberal arts education.

The Libraries

We’ll help you connect your talents and skills with people who need them most.

Haverford’s employer networks, postgraduate connections, easy-to-access resources, and hands-on guidance help our students and alumni discover and make their next moves.

Career and Professional Advising

Haverford students experience their education across the globe.

Studying abroad expands your world by instilling in you an immeasurable sense of confidence.

Study Abroad

Influencing the world begins with a world of support.

At the Office of of Academic Resources (OAR), dedicated strategy coaches and mentors are available to assist you and all Fords in maximizing your time here.

Office of of Academic Resources