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Located just outside Philadelphia, Haverford is an ideal place to live and learn.

The Early Decision II deadline has been extended to January 6, 2021.

This year has been extraordinarily challenging in so many ways, and we recognize that we all need a break more than ever. We hope that you are able to get some needed rest, relaxation, and time for yourself over the upcoming winter vacation. If you are considering applying Early Decision II to Haverford, we have moved our deadline to January 6, in hopes of giving you a bit more space to have the true break you deserve! The deadline to apply for Regular Decision to Haverford is January 15, 2021.

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Thanks for your interest in visiting Haverford! Please check out the many different ways of getting to know Haverford College, virtually and on-campus.

Tour Haverford

Virtual Tour

Let our student tour guides take you on a virtual stroll across campus. They will be there live to share stories, offer insights, answer questions, and showcase what makes Haverford special.

Want to explore our campus virtually on your own first? Check out our campus highlights gallery.

Schedule a Virtual Tour

Student Led Tour (In-Person)

We're offering limited capacity in-person campus tours led by our student tour guides. You will have access to some campus buildings during the tour.

Please read over the Admission Visitor Policies for student-led tour participants.

Register: Student Led Tour

Self-Guided Tour (In-Person)

We're offering in-person, self-guided tours of campus. This includes audio tour stops recorded by our tour guides at locations across campus. Unfortunately, self-guided tour visitors do not have access to campus buildings during their visit. Self-guided tours are available in the hours when the Admission Office is closed (evenings and weekends).

Please read over the Admission Visitor Policies for in-person tour participants.

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Schedule an Interview

We're currently offering interviews to high school seniors and other students who plan to apply as first year students for entry in Fall 2022. You have two interview options: an Admission Office interview or an Alumni Interview. An Admission Office interview is conducted via Zoom by an Admission Officer, or one of our twelve trained senior interviewers. These interviews are typically available Monday through Friday (including some evenings and some Saturday times, too). An Alumni interview offers more scheduling flexibility, additional video platform options, and the opportunity to connect with someone in your geographic area.

We value both of these interview options equally in our process, so please choose the option that works best for you. And please note, you are only able to have one admission interview.

Upcoming Events

Come with your questions or come just to listen and join our conversation. Parents, guardians, friends, and educators are all welcome.

Watch an Info Session

An introduction to Haverford as well as an in depth discussion of our distinctive Admission process by Director of Admission, Mary Maier '05.

Visit a Class

Take the opportunity to experience a Haverford classroom via Zoom! Below is a sampling of Haverford courses currently being taught in ways that are conducive to visitors.

If you would like to visit a class:

  1. Please be sure to email the professor in advance. While each of these faculty is open to visitors, there may be days the class isn't being held or there may be other reasons why visiting doesn't work on a specific day. The professor will provide the zoom link for the class once they hear from you.
  2. Please be sure to come into the meeting at the very beginning of the class. If you are not able to stay for the whole class, please make sure that this is okay with the professor.
  3. Feel free to participate in the class as you are able! Our faculty and students are warm and welcoming, and will be excited you are there.

Squirrel Seeker!

Interested in connecting with a current Haverford student? Please email haverfordohc [at] with interests or identities that are important for this match.

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Our serene campus is a beautiful and stimulating environment. Haverford has 200 acres of award-winning architecture and landscaping, more than 50 academic, athletic and residential buildings, and a nationally recognized arboretum with 400 species of trees and shrubs, a 3.5-acre duck pond, gardens and wooded areas.

Get In Touch

We're so appreciative of your interest in Haverford. Please fill out our contact form to let us know you engaged with us during this time or reach out to your regional admission counselor if you have any questions!