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A vivid sense of community is at the heart of life on campus.

Lev Greenstein '20

In Da Clubs

When it’s time to put your studies on hold, there’s so much fun to be had at Haverford. Here, you have just as much freedom to fill your recreational calendar as you do to forge your own academic path. Living so close to so many peers makes it easy to build on shared interests, take impromptu trips to Philadelphia, join one of more than 145 clubs, and meet tons of new people.


Residential life at Haverford can take on many different forms, from traditional dorms to apartment living to specialized houses dedicated to a cultural or academic focus.

98% of our students live on campus

A mouthwatering stack of fluffy pancakes with butter on top

What's for lunch?

Whether you want a long sit-down meal or a quick snack on the go, Haverford has something for everyone.

#1 highlight of finals week? Late-night warm cookies & milk, and midnight breakfast!

Patrick Montero
Students run on the track while the sun sets

Go Fords!

Haverford fields 23 Varsity teams and club and intramural options include badminton, crew, golf, soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and rugby.

Members of the Varsity Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams are referred to as Goats (Haverford means “goat crossing” in Welsh). Here they are, in their natural environment.

53% of our students are on varsity or club teams

Michael Branscom
A black squirrel peering out of vibrant green grass

Who Run the World?

Squirrels! Our mascot is a Black Squirrel, and you'll see them all over Haverford's campus. They seldom stay still long enough for a photo op.

* not a real statistic

13:1 squirrel to student ratio *

Richard Weisgrau
Vibrant graffiti art on the outside of James House


Opportunities in the arts are available to every member of the Haverford student body – from the most experienced and talented to the student exploring the arts for the first time.

Street artist LNY painted the mural "Apex Predator" on an outside wall of James House, thanks to the work of Michael Rushmore '14.

5 campus galleries & exhibition spaces

45+ arts related clubs

Brad Larrison
Football Team, 1897-98.

Haverford College Football: Undefeated Since 1972

Haverford College phased out football in 1972. Who needs football when you field the only varsity cricket team in America?

Football Team, 1897-98.

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Squirrels use social media, too. Follow along in the Black Squirrel's adventures on campus.