Headline Archive for Kim Minor

  • For his economics thesis, Josh Moskovitz '19 aims to study how an individual’s decision-making strategy predicts their leadership qualities. He is particularly interested in the maximizer/satisficer decision-making strategy.

  • For her thesis, Maryanna Solecki '19 plans to find the effect of major sporting events on sex crimes.

  • For her thesis, Maryanne Solecki '19 plans to find the effect of major sporting events on sex crimes.

  • Isfar Munir '18

    For his thesis, Isfar Munir '18 aims to address a component of the yield curve, specifically the intercept also commonly called the short rate.

  • Hunter Rendleman '18 at the Berlin Wall

    Hunter Rendleman's '18 thesis models the growth and decline of protest events over time by taking into account the ease of communication and the openness of government in the community where the protest is taking place.

  • Ricky Sanchez

    Ricky (Oscar) Sanchez's '18 thesis will look at how, and if, people willingly choose to remain ignorant to the consequences of their actions at a small monetary cost by conducting a controlled lab experiment using modified dictator games.

  • Samantha Wetzel '18

    Samantha Wetzel's '18 thesis evaluates the forecast accuracy of Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members and their professional staffs. The FOMC uses their macroeconomic forecasts to guide policy decisions, and publishes these forecasts for the sake of transparency.

  • Madison Jones '18

    In her thesis, Madison Jones '18 would like to determine whether countries who have policies regulating and limiting internet use result in reduced incidences of terrorist activity.  There has been much discussion of the difficulties in regulating the use of social media and the internet by terrorist organizations, and the legal implications behind doing so. 

  • Seher Sethi '18

    Seher’s thesis will focus on public transportation. She hypothesizes that no more than a small proportion of the monthly Uber ride increase from June 2015 to October 2016, from 5 million to 16 million (Fitzsimmons & Hu, 2017), were new consumers of the travel industry as a whole. If this hypothesis is correct, then where did they come from and what method of transit is being substituted by Uber?

  • Spencer Sohmer '18

    For his Economics thesis, Spencer Sohmer '18 will investigate why internet startups are underpriced in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

  • Jennifer Kowalski

    Using her mathematics skills, Jenna Kowalski '17 has served as a peer tutor for the campus calculus resource center, is currently a teaching assistant for econometrics, and has tutored local high school students in mathematics throughout her time at Haverford. 

  • John Masella '17

    Masella has accepted a post-graduation position with Prudential in their project management group.

  • William Corkery '17

    After graduation, William will be returning to JP Morgan as a research analyst.

  • Marina Simon '17

    Simon's senior thesis will focus on employment opportunities for Mexican-American immigrants.

  • Ian McGroarty '17

    The major will graduate with a Mathematical Economics concentration and plans to eventually earn a Ph.D., with goals of a career in teaching and research.