Headline Archive for Kim Minor

  • Jason Hirsch

    In 10th grade Jason Hirsch ’16 played tennis on Haverford’s campus at the Julian Krinsky summer camp, and his love for the college and campus stayed with him. He knew he wanted to attend a small college with the opportunity to play tennis. As he read more about Haverford’s philosophies around trust, concern, respect and the Honor code, it made his decision to apply an easy one.

  • Gaines Adams '16

    Philadelphia is like home away from home for Littleton, CO resident Gaines Adams ’16. His mother and her family are from Media, PA, and east coast colleges are a standard in his family. When he stepped onto campus during his college visits it “felt right”, and as a college bound student he knew it was the place he wanted to be.

  • Yanxi Li '16

    Yanxi Li '16 learned about Haverford College by accident. She was in her hometown, Shenzhen, China, browsing through books in a bookstore when she ran across Haverford’s brochure.

  • Late in his college application process, Ben was recommended to visit Haverford College by Roger Kafker '84. Taking Roger’s suggestion to heart, he visited the campus, took a tour, and was promptly enamored with the Honor Code and the trust the college gives its student body.

  • Baxter King Ryan

    Weather can make or break a college visit. When Ryan Baxter-King ’16 visited Philadelphia area colleges over the course of two days, he had a miserable rainy day and a beautiful sunny day. The day he visited Haverford College was the sunny beautiful day.

  • Rybeck Gabefinal

    Finding his way to Haverford College was straightforward for Gabriel Rybeck ’16. He comes from a legacy of alumni; Aunt Ellen Brodsky ’85, Uncle Ted Rybeck ’85, and second cousin Rick Rybeck ’78.

  • Claire Brennan ‘16 knew she wanted a small college environment relatively close to her Scarsdale, NY home. She came across Haverford College while perusing a college book and liked what she read about the vigorous academics and the Honor Code. Her campus visit clinched her decision to apply thanks to its relaxed atmosphere and the feel of community.

  • Going to a small college close to her home town of Wallingford, Pennsylvania was paramount to Jeanna Kenney ’16. She was impressed with Haverford’s Honor Code and self-governance framework as well as its vigorous academics.

  • Lauren's economics thesis explores the gateway hypothesis in context of the changing legal statuses of medical marijuana in the United States. She is most interested in the relationship between marijuana and hard drug use and if a greater availability of medical marijuana causes an increase in subsequent drug use.
  • Marc's thesis will take an in-depth look at economic growth in resource-rich regions of the United States. Through his research, Marc explores why resource–rich regions often experience lower levels of economic prosperity, a term coined the“resource curse.”
  • For her thesis, Brianna aims to examine the main differences between active exchange traded funds and the traditional passive exchange traded funds (ETFs).
  • For her thesis in Economics Brie will be looking at corporate inversion, a term relating to when a company reincorporates abroad to avoid high U.S. corporate tax rates.