Headline Archive for Kim Minor

  • Zuyi Wang's thesis examines the relationship between culture and economic prosperity, with the broader goal of determining implications for policymaking and governance.

  • Diane Moore's thesis assesses the effect of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores on financial returns to determine whether socially responsible investing pays.

  • David Kong

    With the rise of socially responsible investing, David Kong’s thesis examines whether a company can do well while doing good.

  • Eliza Brosgol's '20 thesis will examine the ways in which American constituents vote disadvantageously, with a specific focus on women and immigrants.

  • For her thesis, Olivia will be conducting a national analysis on the effects of different provider payment models on utilization and quality of health care in an inpatient setting.

  • Kevin Yan’s '20 thesis will explore the effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) on economic growth. Specifically, he wants to see if the effects of FDI on economic growth differ depending on the sectoral composition of FDI.

  • Unique Tuberville’s '20 thesis assesses the Community Reinvestment Act’s (CRA) impact on the supply of mortgage lending in low- and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. The existing body of literature regarding this topic has generated mixed conclusions as to whether the CRA has effectively increased the access to credit in these LMI and minority areas that have historically been underserved.

  • Reiss Berger's '19 thesis, "Corporate Sponsorship in Professional Soccer: Does it Pay to Support a Winner?" examines whether corporate jersey sponsors, who pay up to $80 million per year, get concrete returns on their investment in the form of their market price.

  • Expanding the work she did with Professor Anne Preston on exit rates of scientists from their professions, Batia Katz’s '19 thesis will explore the gender pay gap in science and engineering fields, specifically looking at the percent of the differential that can be explained by family responsibility.

  • Madison Sultan's '19 thesis explores why a firm may choose to employ a comparative marketing strategy in which they advertise about the traits of a competitor’s product, as opposed to their own.

  • Kelly Brown's '19 thesis looks at NAFTA’s impact on the internal migration patterns in Mexico. She was motivated to write this thesis because of NAFTA's relevance to the current political climate.

  • For his economics thesis, Josh Moskovitz '19 aims to study how an individual’s decision-making strategy predicts their leadership qualities. He is particularly interested in the maximizer/satisficer decision-making strategy.

  • For her thesis, Maryanna Solecki '19 plans to find the effect of major sporting events on sex crimes.

  • For her thesis, Maryanne Solecki '19 plans to find the effect of major sporting events on sex crimes.

  • Isfar Munir '18

    For his thesis, Isfar Munir '18 aims to address a component of the yield curve, specifically the intercept also commonly called the short rate.