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  • Bruce Leto '14 sits at his piano.

    An artistic kinship with Professor Emeritus of Music Curt Cacioppo colors the classical pianist's albums and performances, including a recent recital at Carnegie Hall, where he played the live premiere of the composer's “Hal’s Reprise.”

  • Pictured is Bryan Halperin '95 and Johanna Bloss Halperin BMC '94, standing on stage in the Colonial Theater in Laconia, N.H.

    A Bi-Co couple is helping to bring their community together by sharing their love of theater.

  • A documentary by Dan Greenstone '93 explores a California commune that blended countercultural ideals with business savvy to become a Silicon Valley success story.

  • Sayeeda smiles, sitting in the GRASE office in front of a Pride flag and a transgender flag

    Four questions with Sayeeda Rashid, director of the Center for Gender Resources and Sexual Education. 

  • A life-size 3D-printed statue of Miriam Fuchs '13 became part of #IfThenSheCan-The Exhibit.

  • Matthew Stitt '09 counsels public sector clients on how to change budgets and institutions in equal service of all residents.

  • One of Thomas' artworks combining pastel watercolors with traditional Persian calligraphy on the left and a headshot of Thomas looking to the left of the camera on the right

    From learning calligraphy in as a child in Tehran to using their skills to make posters during college, Thomas shares their path to becoming a professional artist. 

  • Dan sits in front of his Philadelphia stoop, surrounded by flowers, wearing a black hoodie over his head.

    The singer-songwriter and poet, who is a part of the long-running band Friendship, recently made his debut solo EP. 

  • A headshot of Andy Lee Roth on the left and the cover of Project Censored's State of the Free Press 2022 on the right.

    The associate director of Project Censored has a few questions: Who is producing the news you consume? Who (or what) might be filtering what you find online? And how does this limit your ability to be informed and engaged, in your community or as a citizen?

  • The cover of Burn's book on the right and a headshot of the author in a suit, tie, and glasses on the left

    In a new book, Burns, a professor of healthcare management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and his co-author trace the country's transformation from a nation of community hospitals to one of large, integrated hospital systems.

  • A headshot of Sarah Kaufman smiling and sitting on a bench is on the left, and a cover of her book, Devil's Pool, is on the left

    The photographer's latest book captures swimmers and sunbathers at the Wissahickon Valley Park's basin. 

  • Paul Walcott stands in front of a mural at his restaurant, eating a taco and wearing a baseball cap that says "taco" on it

    Walcutt discusses his journey from Texan criminal defense attorney to Australian taco purveyor. 

  • Orion Kriegman wears a blue sweater and glasses as he sits among the raised beds in one of his urban gardens

    As executive director of the Boston Food Forest Coalition, he works with neighborhood volunteers to reclaim vacant land and transform it into public parks where food is grown.

  • Denne Michele Norris sits in her home office next to bookshelves full of books.

    Denne Michele Norris ’08 becomes the first Black, openly trans woman to helm a major literary publication.

  • An addition to Roberts Hall provides a bright, expansive space on campus for teaching, practice, rehearsal, and performance.