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  • A headshot of Michael Rosenfeld, wearing glasses and a blazer, with green trees in the background

    Michael Rosenfeld ’78 is vice president of national production for Twin Cities Public Broadcasting. His latest project is the documentary Laura Ingalls Wilder: Prairie to Page, part of PBS's American Masters series.

  • A headshot of Ethan Kytle, wearing a blue blazer, standing in front of a tree with yellow and green leaves

    The professor of history at California State University, Fresno writes about looking to the past for clues about how to process the pandemic. 

  • Christina Bradley sitting in front of french doors wearing a black and orange print wrap top.

    The manager of support programs for the National Alliance on Mental Illness New York City chapter discusses mental health in a time of pandemic. 

  • Dr. James Carter Jr. wears his white coat and a stethoscope around his neck, standing in front of his hospital

    Medicine’s race gap alienates patients and providers alike. 

  • Joanna Frang photographed from the shoulders up, wearing a bright, multicolored top0

    The executive director of Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. discusses keeping art accessible in a time of COVID. 

  • Paul Cohen, bathed in purple light, playing saxophone on stage in his wife's band

    Juggling many different roles—saxophone player, composer, producer, arranger—in Lila Down's musical project comes easy for someone who used to be in the circus. 

  • A black-and-white headshot of Michael Kim on the left and the cover of his novel, Offerings, on the right

    Financier Michael ByungJu Kim ’85 spent 23 years working on his debut novel, Offerings, which is full of insider knowledge of financial negotiations as well as references to the literature that shaped him as a Haverford English major. 

  • The five members of Bazmati Vice sit on the stoop of a building

    A Haverford housing questionnaire brought together the original members of Bazmati Vice, but the funk/rock outfit is still going strong and working on a new album. 

  • A portrait of Jacob Lowy wearing his white doctor's coat

    Jacob Lowy '14, a Haverford political science major, writes about pivoting his career to medicine during a global pandemic.

  • Dana Nichols, wearing a "Straight Outta Philadanco" tshirt, stands in a dance studio with dancers and a mirror behind her.

    Dana Nichols '14 writes about her journey from childhood ballet student to Haverford College student to professional dancer and writer of a recent piece in "Dance Magazine" about blackface in ballet. 

  • Side by side headshots of Sara Mathieson and Alvin Grissom

    The Department of Computer Science expands to accommodate growing student enrollment.

  • Nurse Tiffani Zalinski wears scrubs and puts on her surgical mask

    From medical professionals to public officials, Haverford alumni are dealing with the complex, heart-rending challenges of the pandemic. 

  • John Botti in one of the trucks used to transport surplus produce purchased by Farms to Food Banks

    With Farms to Food Banks, John Botti ’92 bridges the divide between surplus crops and hungry Americans.

  • Lisa Gralinski being interviewed virtually on WRAL TV news

    Tell Us More: Lisa Gralinski '02

  • A headshot of Benjamin Taylor next to the cover of his book, "Here We Are"

    Hilary Leichter ’07 talks to fellow author Benjamin Taylor ’74 about his new book, Here We Are: My Friendship With Philip Roth