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  • Richard Peet in his boardroom

    In two new business ventures, Richard Peet ’76 is bringing to market the health benefits of high-fiber, gluten-free chicory flour and the therapeutic potential of biosynthetically produced cannabinoids.

  • Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley in Burning Man's San Francisco headquarters

    Beyond the famous Burning Man Festival, Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley ’11 works year-round to organize artistic and cultural programs for the San Francisco-based nonprofit Burning Man Project.

  • Angel Rodriguez in one of the tax-delinquent lots his agency has taken control of in recent months.

    As the first executive director of the Philadelphia Land Bank, Angel Rodriguez ’89 has a vision for creating a more equitable Philadelphia—one vacant lot at a time.

  • Alisa Roth headshot and book cover

    In her new book, Insane, America’s Criminal Treatment of Mental lllness, Roth explores how mental illnesses are treated in the country’s correctional facilities.

  • Kaur is a co-founder of The Sikh Coalition, an organization dedicated to legal advocacy for a religious minority that often finds itself the target of discrimination.

  • Mark Wong breakdancing

    The Haverford English major who started a campus breakdancing club now uses breakdancing as a teaching tool in Philadelphia and New Jersey schools. 

  • Beth Cavener

    The sculptor’s work has been showcased in venues as eminent as Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Richard Wenzel

    The epidemiologist-turned-novelist tells us how his work with microbes informs his writing.

  • Greg Greenberg playing with the band Seven Circles

    When he’s not working as an ICU nurse, Greg Greenberg '05 plays bass with the Austin, Texas, band Seven Circles.

  • Alex Shahla headshot

    The Los Angeles-based "recovering lawyer" writes about when his parents first dropped him off at Haverford College, a moment that served as the inspiration for his debut novel, Lying To Children.

  • Eric Krotkov with a robotic arm

    From self-driving cars to in-home electromechanical helpers, Eric Krotkov ’82 is turning science fiction into reality.

  • Justin Turkus in his tattoo parlor

    After graduation, the political science major’s passion for art led him down an unorthodox path.

  • Ken Stern on his Washington, D.C., street/

    Lifelong Democrat Ken Stern ’85 left the “liberal bubble” for an odyssey across America’s red states. The year he spent getting to know “the other side” changed his view of politics entirely and inspired a book that’s attracting controversy.

  • Map of Ford food ventures drawn by Jessie Lamworth '18

    Haverford alumni are feeding the world (and slaking its thirst) with an impressive array of food- and beverage-related ventures. We've mapped them around the country, and you can add your own!

  • Peter Bowers and his ife, Peg, in the Wrangel Mountains of Alaska

    Archaeologist Peter Bowers '74, principal investigator for a project in central Alaska that discovered the Upward Sun River site that dates back to the time of the Bering Land Bridge, has adopted that state as his home.