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  • Black-and-white headshot of Nicholson Baker and a portrait of Anya Krugovoy Silver wearing a colorful headwrap

    Nicholson Baker ’79 and Anya Krugovoy Silver ’90 were honored with a grant from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to support their independent writing projects.

  • Ann Marie Baldonado portrait

    Ann Marie Baldonado ‘94 can trace her career success in radio and TV to the investigative work she did as an anthropology major at Haverford.

  • Gina Delvac '08

    Podcasts have become one of the world’s most popular ways to tell stories, share information, and tackle challenging issues. We spotlight some Haverford alums who have plunged into the field.

  • Bob Croslin using a cane and a camera phone

    Perez, who discovered he was legally blind at 30, is passionate about helping the education-technology community understand the crucial role it can play in giving all learners access to education and job opportunities.

  • Claire Zilber headshot

    Zilber, a psychiatrist in private practice in Denver, is the co-author of Living in Limbo: Creating Structure and Peace When Someone You Love Is Ill.

  • Carol Compton with two of her instruments

    When Carol Compton '84, who plays the accordion, recorder, and piano, isn't busy serving as the director of education programs at Vermont's Brattleboro Music Center, she's playing music at English country or contra dances in New England and beyond. 

  • Dan Barringer in Crow's Nest Preserve

    After graduating from Haverford, where he worked in the campus arboretum, the former English major embarked on a career in horticulture. He now oversees the 621-acre Crow’s Nest Preserve in Chester County, Pa. 

  • Zachary Oberfield in class

    The associate professor of political science talks about the book, which The Washington Post said should be required reading.  

  • A still from the production of WILD: A Clown Western

    Ryan Rebel '14 is one of the four founders of Shoe Box Company, one of Philadelphia’s newest theater troupes, and the director of the recent Fringe Fest play WILD: A Clown Western

  • Waldean dancing with the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

    The former growth and structure of cities major thought he would be an architect, but is now living out different dreams as a professional dancer in Sweden. 

  • Bryan Snyder on a mountaintop adventure

    The former Haverford English major talks to Cat Lazaroff '89 about combining his passions for writing and outdoor adventures in a book series.

  • Dr. Robert O'Connor

    When the white supremacist rally in Virginia erupted in violence this summer, Dr. Robert E. O’Connor ’78, director of the University of Virginia Medical Center Hospital's Emergency Department, faced the largest multiple-casualty incident of his career. 

  • Not a Scientist: How Politicians Mistake, Misrepresent, and Utterly Mangle Science, which was published in April by W.W. Norton, outlines 12 common tactics that politicians regularly employ to butcher science, including “the Cherry-Pick,” “the Literal Nitpick,” and “the Oversimplification.”

  • The CPGC-sponsored Migration Field Study program, now in its eighth year, brings students to the U.S.-Mexico border and to Mexico City to glimpse the human face of immigration.

  • This year marks the 120th anniversary of Haverford’s Honor Code. And we’ve got the Class of 1900 to thank for it.