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  • Helen White writes in a notebook on the beach of the Delaware Bay, the site of a 2020 oil spill she conducted research on.

    Even during a pandemic, sabbaticals prove invaluable for faculty and students.

  • Steven Pico '81 stands in front of one of the iconic lion statues at the New York Public Library.

    As a teen, Steven Pico ’81 became the plaintiff in the only book-banning case to reach the Supreme Court. Forty years later, book bans are on the rise.

  • Michelle Hughes '15 sits on a bench in front of greenery, smiling. Photo by Patrick Montero.

    Hughes is working to make farming an accessible career for those new to the field through the National Young Farmers Coalition and the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Rakia Clark '01 stands in front of a bookshelf, smiling.

    Rakia Clark ’01, an executive editor at Mariner Books, discusses her two decades in the publishing industry, and what changes she has witnessed over the years.

  • Frances Condon '21 and Reverend Carolyn Cavaness stand in front of Bethel AME Church's Ardmore Victory Gardens.

    New initiatives aim to build a stronger relationship with the Ardmore neighborhood that borders the campus.

  • Melanie Travis '08 stands in front of a dark background with actress Demi Moore and her three daughters, who are wearing Andie produced swimwear.

    Melanie Travis '08 is changing the swimwear industry by providing more personalized options through her company, Andie.

  • Danielle Lynch stands in front of the Douglas B. Gardner '83 Integrated Athletic Center, smiling.

    Danielle Lynch is bringing the mindset both of an educator and an athlete to the role, with over 20 years of coaching and sports administration under her belt.

  • In a wide-ranging interview, Dean of the College John F. McKnight Jr. talks about trust, student agency, social change, and enhancing the Haverford experience.

  • Bruce Leto '14 sits at his piano.

    An artistic kinship with Professor Emeritus of Music Curt Cacioppo colors the classical pianist's albums and performances, including a recent recital at Carnegie Hall, where he played the live premiere of the composer's “Hal’s Reprise.”

  • Pictured is Bryan Halperin '95 and Johanna Bloss Halperin BMC '94, standing on stage in the Colonial Theater in Laconia, N.H.

    A Bi-Co couple is helping to bring their community together by sharing their love of theater.

  • A documentary by Dan Greenstone '93 explores a California commune that blended countercultural ideals with business savvy to become a Silicon Valley success story.

  • Sayeeda smiles, sitting in the GRASE office in front of a Pride flag and a transgender flag

    Four questions with Sayeeda Rashid, director of the Center for Gender Resources and Sexual Education. 

  • A life-size 3D-printed statue of Miriam Fuchs '13 became part of #IfThenSheCan-The Exhibit.

  • Matthew Stitt '09 counsels public sector clients on how to change budgets and institutions in equal service of all residents.

  • One of Thomas' artworks combining pastel watercolors with traditional Persian calligraphy on the left and a headshot of Thomas looking to the left of the camera on the right

    From learning calligraphy in as a child in Tehran to using their skills to make posters during college, Thomas shares their path to becoming a professional artist.