Headline Archive for Benjamin Roma

  • Hello Friends,

      I hope you are doing well!  As we look forward to the fall I just wanted to send out a few reminders as many people have been asking as they come back on campus.

  • Due to current storage limitations on Zoom, IITS will be globally locking the ability to disable auto-delete for Zoom Cloud Recordings on March 22, 2021. After March 22, all Zoom cloud recordings will be deleted 30 days after their creation and any user recordings that had previously disabled the auto-delete will be deleted 30 days from the lock.

  • On Monday March 15th between 6:30AM and 7:30AM there will be a brief disruption in access to Zoom while we comply with a mandatory security update.


    If you have any trouble accessing Zoom following this, please contact ProDesk.

  • Gmail is currently experiencing issues affecting a majority of users. According to Google, service has already been restored for some and a resolution for all users is expected in the near future.


    Experiences have varied from not being able to access Gmail at all after authenticating to successfully logging in but receiving a message that Contacts are unavailable.


    Services do seem to be stabilizing and will hopefully be fully restored shortly.  Please contact the ProDesk if you are experiencing issues.

  • Every year Haverford College is required to perform IT Security Training in order to fulfill federal Gramm-Leech Bliley Act compliance requirements.  On Wednesday June 17th, all staff and faculty will receive a broadcast email from the Prodesk directing you to this page to complete the training through our institutional LinkedinLearning portal.  Please complete the trianing and Workday task by June30th.

  • On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates for the Windows 7 operating system.  While we have been deploying Windows 10 for many years we realize there may still be computers running Windows 7 on campus. 

    Please be advised that after January 14th no computer running Windows 7 will be allowed to be connected to the college network.

  • IITS is replacing our current on-premise network storage solution, ‘Storage’ (storage.haverford.edu), with a new platform - ‘Filestore’ (filestore.haverford.edu) - access will be available beginning Monday, November 4.

  • IITS has enabled a new feature in Duo called ‘Remember My Device’.

    This feature will give you the option to have Duo remember your successful login for a 7 day span - skipping the Duo challenge during those 7 days.

  • We’ll be upgrading one of your learning and development benefits, Lynda.com, to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning has the same great content as Lynda.com, and it will provide a more personalized experience.

  • It has a new look and a number of new features compared with the Moodle server for 2019/2020.

  • Due to maintenance all Bionic services will be unavailable Thursday evening, 03/28/2019 from 5:30pm until the following morning.

  • Various law enforcement sources are currently reporting a growing and widespread national email bomb threat campaign targeting various businesses and organizations, including some colleges and universities.

  • Starting Saturday, September 8 you will see a brand new look when logging into Workday!

    Workday brings your inbox front and center with a redesigned homepage. All of your worklets and favorites are in the same location but with a refreshed motif.

  • In order to prepare for the electrical maintenance this Saturday please be sure to power down any technology in your area before leaving for the weekend.  This includes computers, printers, copiers and anything else that could be damaged by a sudden loss of power.

  • Over the course of this academic year, we will be implementing the 2-Factor authentication service called Duo.