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  • The chemistry major explored the complexities of bioinorganic chemistry to understand how some bacteria can evade the human immune system.

  • The mathematics major and psychology minor wrote his thesis using mathematical biology to examine how different types of cancer cells move throughout the body.

  • The Haverford biology major started her full-time job as a genetics researcher for the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine just two days after graduation.

  • The chemistry major with minors in math and computer science completed a thesis focused on predicting protein stability through an interdisciplinary lens.

  • The biology major focused on the interactions between parasitic bacteria and their host for her thesis.

  • The Assistant Professor of Physics was awarded a $55,000 grant to investigate the microscopic origins of the transition between two types of sedimentary dynamics.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    The Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies and his collaborators at the Smithsonian Institution were awarded $782,932 to uncover how plant life responded to changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration millions of years ago.

  • Portrait of Molly Lausten

    Following her work in Golin’s D.C. lab last summer on yeast’s responses to nutrient deficiency, the senior biology major contributed to the alum's paper in Fems Yeast Research last month.

  • Neuroscientist and artist Greg Dunn, who works at the intersection of visual representation and experimental science, visited campus to discuss his piece that is on display at the Franklin Institute.

  • This course, which explores the revolution in the sciences that occurred between 1500 and 1750, seeks to understand how and why certain people began to investigate the natural world in new ways and how they convinced other people that their new ways were better.

  • The club, which started in the fall, has create new, extracurricular neuroscience-focused opportunities for students across disciplines.

  • The student group hosted its first Tri-Co coding symposium, which included a student-led programming workshop and a talk by Erica Greene ’10 of Jigsaw.

  • Sabrina Emms portrait

    The biology major's work on heart muscle cell proliferation as part of a research team at Thomas Jefferson University was published in the journal Development.

  • This year, for the holiday, the Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center was transformed into Hawkins, Indiana; Westeros; and more!

  • This new course offers students the opportunity to gain intensive first-hand experience working with people in a psychological services or social services setting to provide a supervised platform on which to apply what they have learned in their psychology coursework to helping others in a hands-on way.