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The Interdependence Commons serves as a connection point for the College’s offices and programs dealing with translocal, global, and international issues.

The Commons seeks to build coordination and effectiveness across these programs by consolidating information on the Tri-Co’s array of offerings on translocal interdependence themes, which include transnational exchanges and movements, connections among diversities of all types, learning the world’s languages, global forces and networks, and planetary linkages.

This project of the Transregional Working Group aims primarily at Haverford and Tri-Co Consortium faculty and staff. However, we hope it will also serve students, alumni, and the broader community.

Transregional and International Opportunities

To acquire transregional and diasporic understanding, it helps to have experience of several regions and diasporas of the world.

Funded Opportunities

CPGC’s Ongoing Opportunities for Students offers engaged academic partnerships, near and far. It currently funds partnerships in SCI-Phoenix, Ghana, Jordan, Oaxaca, and Trinidad, and is open to new ideas.

Through Bryn Mawr College, students can apply to the Archaeology Field School in the United Arab Emirates, Institut d’Avignon, the Russian Language Institute, and the Bi-Co-Ghana Thinking Together/Laɣim Tehi Tuma Action Research Fellowship.

Colloquia and Programming Series

Studying transregional and diasporic issues is much easier when you can partake in academic colloquia or programming series dealing with those issues. If you’re looking to join or organize such initiatives, check out the following offerings of colloquia and programming series: all of them frequently deal with transnational issues, or can be used to organize initiatives dealing with them.

Languages and Cultures Space

There are 50+ languages spoken in the Bi-Co! The Our Languages project is designed to not only raise awareness about linguistic diversity but celebrate the linguistic diversity that exists on Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s campuses.

The Spanish Department has been hosting Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) from Spain or Latin America who come to work with our students in the beginning and intermediate conversation sections (tutorías), as well as in the Spanish Writing Center (CREA) since the fall of 2018. They will be welcoming an FLTA in the Fall for the year 21-22, and are planning to continue with this successful program. If you are interested in learning more about how to host an FLTA in your department please contact Ariana Huberman.

Visit the Languages & Cultures Space


Working with multilingual issues yourself or with students? Check out the Writing Center's Resources for Multilingual Writers or contact our multilingual specialist, Susannah Bien-Gund.


Want some ideas or inspiration for showcasing student work on learning languages and cultures? Read about how the Bi-Co Japanese program took their learning beyond the classroom or how students play an active role in Bryn Mawr's department of Italian and Italian Studies.

Academic Exchange Programs and Study Abroad

Advising students on academic exchange programs, or on post-bac international fellowships like Fulbright? Check out Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s current exchange programs, or contact Haverford or Bryn Mawr’s international fellowships advisors.

Student International Career Opportunities

Trying to advise students on translocal and global career paths? Check out the Center for Career and Professional Advising’s Fellowship Opportunities. The CCPA blog is a great place to find career advice, alumni stories, international opportunities, and job-seeking resources.

Connecting with International Alumni

Get in touch with international alumni, or invite them here to talk about career paths.