Headline Archive for Sarah Horowitz

  • Max Champlin in Lutnick Library

    On view in Lutnick Library through the end of the semester, an exhibit curated by Champlin explores Haverford’s transportation history, from the Pennsylvania Railroad to the Blue Bus.

  • Poster for 1995 Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference

    In this blog post, George Allan '24 highlights the new collections that form part of the Archives of Africana Philosophy. George works in Quaker & Special Collections as a student liaison.

  • image of the bridge and groom at a wedding

    A travelling exhibition of photographs by Jonathan Moller

    Curated by Lucy Corrie-Tannen '26, Thaiana Zandona '26, and Jorge Paz Reyes '24

    Lutnick Library Level 2 wall galleries

    Our Culture is Our Resistance focuses on the impact of Guatemala’s dirty war on the life of Guatemala’s peasant populations in the Quiche region of Guatemala.

  • image of the main building at Friends Hospital

    Curated by Maia Roark ‘25 & Morgan Soutos ‘24

    Entrance Ramp Gallery, Level 1

    This exhibit examines different aspects of the Asylum’s first hundred years, from patient admissions to entertainment to its built environment.


  • Students with bicycles outside Founders Hall

    Curated by Maxwell Champlin ‘25

    Magill Wing cases, Level 2

    Over the last nearly 200 years, Haverford students, staff, and faculty have been on the move. In the early days of the College, the railroads and their various alignments were an integral part of daily life for all members of the community. As the iron roads declined, the car took off as the preferred way for people to get around, and with it came large-scale changes to the campus to accommodate the space needed for parking.

  • Paul B. Moses kneeling next to his painting The Ice House

    Curated by Mike Moses and Stephanie Strother, with an accompanying essay by Emma Scharff '25

    Rebecca and Rick White Gallery, Lutnick Library, Level 1

    Paul Bell Moses (1929–1966) was an art historian and critic whose remarkable life was defined by barriers overcome. Moses grew up in Ardmore, majored in foreign languages at Haverford, and graduated magna cum laude.  As one of the first Black students to attend Haverford College, Moses encountered significant racism. However, the College’s relationship with the Barnes Foundation nourished his passions for art history and art making, and he went on to become a significan art historian.

  • Image of yearbook showing Osmond Pitter's photo

    Exhibit accompanies the People’s History of Haverford College Tour.

  • Image of the map on which tags are affixed

    The Hostile Terrain 94 exhibit maps where migrants died trying to enter the US through the Sonoran Desert.

  • image of title sign and introductory text

    Students in Lisa Jane Graham and Darin Hayton's spring 2022 Biopower class curated the fall 2022 exhibit in the White Gallery.

  • View of White Gallery

    The history and English double major’s exhibit, “The Hundred Tongues of Rumor,” explores the use of misinformation and truth in times of crisis in Lutnick Library’s Rebecca and Rick White Gallery.

  • plan of proposed dormitory

    Ella Culton '23 describes some of the materials she finds interesting in the College Archives.

  • Correspondence from Wood's work with the Spanish Child Welfare Association

    Ella Culton '23 describes what she has found while working with the papers of Quaker philanthropist L. Hollingsworth Wood.

  • cover images of the two award-winning catalogs

    Two catalogs from exhibits held in Lutnick Library in the past year have received awards.

  • Writing the Modern World exhibit

    Charlotte Scott ’21 and Alan Klein ’81 have collaborated in creating a carefully selected assembly of originals from Modernist Era poets William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens.

  • Francis R. & Anna S. Cope's 60th Wedding Anniversary Party

    Alexa Horkava '22 examines the papers of these connected families and what they can tell us.