Headline Archive for Emily Johnson

  • Four students at Bethel AME

    The Marilou Allen Office of Service & Community Collaboration’s Alternative Break experiences have become hallmark programs, offering students a chance to get to know and provide services for our Ardmore partner organizations while gaining a deeper sense of community and belonging. This spring, David, Daniel, Joseph, and Quinn participated in Alternative Spring Break (ASB), spending their time off giving back and learning about their neighborhood beyond Haverford’s campus.

  • Stylized image combining two photos with words overlaying. One image shows people sorting seeds. The other shows people collecting art supplies.

    This past October, the Marilou Allen Office of Service & Community Collaboration offered its very first Alternative Fall Break program, in which students could spend their break volunteering at different community organizations focused on issues of ecology, environmentalism, and food justice. Five students participated, and gave their time to help our Ardmore and Philadelphia neighbors garden, package meals, plant trees, and more.

  • Juneteenth 2022

    Programming and volunteer opportunities to mark the holiday.

  • students participating in alternative spring break

    Alternative Spring Break is back! Five students had in-person experiences in Ardmore with different community organizations, and another four students participated in virtual opportunities, including a two hour conversation with folks from GMHC, an organization that fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift all those affected.