Classical Languages Major

Haverford’s Classical Languages major offers students the opportunity to gain proficiency in both Greek and Latin and to explore classical texts and the literary, historical, and philosophical contexts in which they emerged.

This major is one of four offered by the Classics Department. A small department with wide reach, we offer students the benefits of a close-knit academic community as well as access to a range of classes and faculty through our collaboration with Bryn Mawr’s Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies.

Curriculum & Courses

Students pursuing the Classical Languages major must be able to read Greek and  Latin at an advanced level, which entails four courses of Greek and four of Latin beyond the elementary level. At least two courses in each language must be at or above the advanced level. Language classes at this level (200- and 300-level) typically address a particular theme, text, or topic related to ancient language or culture through discussion and critical analysis. Through our partnership with Bryn Mawr, we also offer graduate-level Latin and Greek classes.

The major culminates with each student participating in the department-wide Senior Seminar and producing a Senior Thesis.

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