Classical Culture and Society Major and Minor

Haverford’s major and minor in Classical Culture and Society offers students the opportunity to explore life in classical antiquity in all of its dimensions—from language, to literature, to history, philosophy, archaeology, and more—as well as its impact on later cultural traditions.

This major is one of four offered by the Classics Department. A small department with wide reach, we offer students the benefits of a close-knit academic community as well as access to a range of classes and faculty through our collaboration with Bryn Mawr’s Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies.

Curriculum & Courses

Students pursuing the Classical Culture and Society major must be able to read Greek or Latin at a basic level, which entails two courses in Greek or Latin beyond the introductory level. Each of our faculty teaches Latin and Greek courses as well as classes on ancient literature and culture in translation, moving easily between introductory and advanced levels, including high-level senior research.

Majors also pursue an in-depth exploration of culture and society, organizing their investigations around one of four areas: archaeology and art history; philosophy and religion; literature and the classical tradition; or history and society.

Each of these concentrations encompasses a rich range of classes based in the Classics Department as well as in departments across the Haverford and Bryn Mawr College campuses. Culture and society classes—all taught in English—range from introduction and survey classes (100-level), to classes built around particular topics (200-level), to seminars (300-level) that explore an author, text, or topic through intensive discussion and research. The major culminates with each student participating in the department-wide Senior Seminar and producing a senior thesis.

Students pursuing the Classical Culture and Society minor must take at least two courses in Greek or Latin at the 100-level or above. They also study the culture and society of the ancient world through a rich variety of classes based in the Classics Department as well as in departments across the Haverford and Bryn Mawr College campuses.

Our program is enriched by a vibrant array of extracurricular activities. Developed by our faculty and students, they bring the classical world to life for majors, minors, and the entire bi-college community.

  • Major

    • Two semesters in either Latin or Greek beyond the elementary level.
    • One course in Greek or Roman history.
    • Three courses in an area of concentration (Literature & the Classical Tradition, Philosophy & Religion, Archaeology & Art History, or History & Society), at least two of which must be at the 200 level or above.
    • Three electives in Classical Studies, at least one of which must be in History & Society (except in the case of History & Society concentrators).
    • Completion of the Majors' Reading List.
    • Senior Seminar and Thesis (CSTS H398/CSTS H399).
  • Minor

    Six courses drawn from the range of courses counted towards Classical Culture and Society. Of these, two must be in Greek or Latin at the 002 level or above and at least one must be in Classical Culture and Society at the 200 level.

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