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  • 2013-14 Steering Committee
    • Markus Baenziger (Fine Arts)
    • Imke Brust (German)
    • Andrew Friedman (History)
    • Kenneth Koltun-Fromm (Religion)
    • John Mosteller (Institutional Advancement)
    Student Advisory Board
    • Shannon Smith '15
    • Tiancheng Liu '16
    Graphic Designer
  • Miriam Hwang-Carlos
    Miriam Hwang-Carlos

    Miriam Hwang-Carlos is a freshman potential Fine Arts major with a double major or minor in Perpetual Uncertainty. She loves reading, painting, drawing, sewing, and stalking the dogs on Haverford’s campus. She is having lots of fun getting to know the HCAH better.

    Fiona Lin
    Fiona Lin

    Fiona Lin is a senior Biology major from Bethesda, MD. She has worked for the HCAH for a little over a year and though she devotes most of her academic time to the natural sciences these days, she has a strong appreciation for the arts and humanities.

    Anna Mehta
    Anna Mehta

    Anna Mehta is freshman potential English and Linguistics double major from Auburn, AL. She is excited to explore more of the programs and opportunities offered by the HCAH. She enjoys reading, and theatre, both attending and participating. Shakespeare has held her heart since fourth grade.

    CJ Morrison
    CJ Morrison

    CJ Morrison is a junior Anthropology major with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality studies from the San Francisco bay area. He loves to take photos, talk about California, and watch Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. He is excited to work with the HCAH in the future and engage in the center’s programs—he participated in the student seminar Form, Content, and Difficulties in the fall of 2012 and loved it.

    Miriam Pallant
    Miriam Pallant

    Miriam Pallant is a senior Spanish Major and Psychology Minor from East Greenwich, RI. She has worked for HCAH since October 2010. She hopes to pursue a career as a Spanish teacher. She enjoys singing with the Oxford Blues and spending quality time with Pushkin the dog.

    Aigner Picou
    Aigner Picou

    Aigner Picou is a senior Chemistry major and German minor from Brooklyn NY. In addition to science, she loves dancing, drawing, and writing. She has worked for the Hurford Center more than two years now and has taken on a new role for 2013-14 as the Hurford Center Media Assistant . She enjoys a good steak, and hopes to one day travel to Argentina in pursuit of the best steak ever.

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