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  • Jacob Gorenburg ’22; Image by War on the Rocks On September 27th the first shells struck Stepanakert, the de-facto capital of the autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh, ostensibly in response to Armenian provocations at the border. What followed was a bloody conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over control of this contentious

  • By Moselle Burke ’21; Image by Herr Loeffler In January 2020, the Trump administration released a memo announcing its revisions to the United States Munitions List (USML). The memo stated that certain items in categories I-III of the 21-category list were being removed from it, effectively moving their export from

  • By Jackson Trevor ’22; Image by Wikimedia Commons A special report conducted by Reuters in November painted a damning picture of how carelessly deployed sanctions can negatively impact U.S. strategic interests. The report, authored by Marianna Parraga, Rinat Sagdiev, and Parisa Hafezi, chronicles how Venezuela’s state-run oil exports industry, hit

  • By Rachel Bamberger ’22; Image by The New York Times- Tigrayan refugees waiting for UN Relief Described as “a grisly wellspring of looting, ethnic antagonism and killings” by The New York Times, the conflict that began in the northern region of Ethiopia known as Tigray in early November has resulted

  • By Sindi Kaskaviqi ’21; Image by Leah Millis/Reuters Image: President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti on September 2020 In late September Trump bragged on Twitter that he saved thousands of lives in Kosovo, saying that this was one

  • By Golda Glasser ’22; Image of a protest at UC Berkeley regarding the use of free speech on campus Freedom of speech is tied, deeply, emotionally to the American psyche. Enshrined in the founding documents, a right that is essential to democratic practice. We know this right is not absolute.

  • Thoughts on American media, French secularism and counterterrorism By Tamar Furman ’21; Photo by Ian Langsdon In a manner startling even to Americans now well-accustomed to politicians sparring with the media, President Emmanuel Macron recently accused English-language publications of “legitimizing violence” in their reporting on terrorist attacks in France. The

  • By Arshiya Bhayana ’22; Getty Images On November 27, 2020, Iran’s top nuclear physicist and spearhead of its nuclear weapons program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was shot and killed in an attack in the capital city of Tehran. In Tehran, hardline protesters burned images of President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden, alongside

  • Dear Haverford Community:  We, as faculty members of the Haverford College Political Science Department, write to support and honor the work of students who have joined together to demand change at Haverford and beyond. We recognize the work of Black students and other students of color (particularly Women of Color

  • By Chris Conrad ’21 Dear Publius, I am not here to call you evil. I am simply here to ask you a question: Whose side are you on? You say that you support the struggle for racial justice. But it seems like you support the police more than you support

  • By DisruptHaverford The post below is a response submitted by a student who requested to appear under the moniker DisruptHaverford on behalf of the student and a group of peers. The post is structured as a response to to the post ‘Why I Oppose the Strike.’ The original letter is

  • By Publius An article was submitted by a Haverford student going by the pseudonym “Publius” to the Clerk and Bi-Co News over the weekend, which made an argument against the current strike on Haverford’s campus. The Bi-Co News stated that they were unwilling to publish the article for the duration

  • By Chris Galebinge Over the past few decades, China’s perception of American politicians has been based on the clear-cut difference between the two parties’ positions: the Democrats are more concerned with topics within the ideological realm such as democracy and human rights, while the Republicans are more concerned with free

  • By Yvonne Yan ’21 Americans are not the only group of citizens rattled by the approaching election. On the other end of the globe, Chinese citizens are just paying as close of an attention as their American pals. The primary reason is to make derogatory memes out of Donald Trump,

  • By Riley Sobel ’24; Image: Philly Voice Demonstrators confront Philadelphia police regarding the killing of Walter Wallace Jr. following a rally in Malcolm X Park on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020 * A quick note: I am inherently aware that I am a petite, white woman, and I understand the privilege