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  • The softball player and sociology major explored how trending boutique fitness studios impact contemporary notions of health, wellness, and femininity in an era defined by universalizing pushes for gender equality.

  • The chemistry major’s thesis involved innovative research that was published in a high-impact science journal.

  • The economics major will be joining IBM at their Burlington, VT., location as a data scientist.

  • Classical languages major Paul Brucia Breitenfeld ’19 used the cultural allusions in a second-century North African Latin novel to understand the reach and oppression of the Roman empire.

  • In his thesis, the chemistry major explores potential cures for pancreatic cancer.

  • The biology major’s thesis examined a non-toxic method of controlling the population of the <em>Drosophila suzukii</em>, which pose a threat to the agricultural industry by attacking fruit at a much earlier stage than their standard fruit fly counterparts.

  • The writer based in Lagos, Nigeria, reports on topics as varied as women's health, trauma, and fashion aesthetics and freelances for publications such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The New York Times. 

  • For her thesis, the English major examined the politics of race and trauma in Octavia Butler’s science-fiction novel Kindred.

  • The Haverford House Fellow is supporting immigrant families at the nonprofit HIAS PA.

  • Political science major and statistics, Chinese, and health studies minor Madeline Guth ’19 used her diverse set of tools to study the many ways that public policy can impact unintended pregnancy rates among low-income women.

  • In Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog, Dave Barry '69 takes some wise cues from his beloved dog about how to live a better life, offering thoughts about letting go of anger, having more fun, not letting your happiness depend on things, making new friends (and keeping the ones you have), and the importance of paying attention to the people you love, “Not later. Right now.”

  • For his thesis, Chris Goings ’19 pulled research and advice from a wide range of sources, materializing years of classroom experience.

  • Jayme Guokas '97 started out with a hobby of teaching himself how to remodel homes on the weekend. He ended up with a fully operational business that designs and constructs interior spaces.

  • The economics major and baseball player is preparing for a career in the front offices of the major leagues.

  • As a Haverford House Fellow, Gabe Halperin-Goldstein ’19 will spend next year working at the Center for Hunger-Free Communities, which advocates for policies that relieve food insecurity in Philadelphia.