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  • The building, which houses two of Haverford's most popular majors (biology and psychology), has been under construction since May 2016 to make much-needed infrastructure updates and to create space for collaborative learning and research. 

  • Kim Benston
    In this period of great national and global change, we have reason to ponder deeply the nature of hope.
  • An increasing number of international students are being drawn to Haverford by the promise of intellectual exploration, academic rigor, and close-knit community. Once here, they must also contend with unfamiliar food and strange American social customs, and a climate that may be way outside their comfort zone. Easing the intercultural adjustment on campus is a robust support program for students from abroad.

  • Considered pioneering when it was created, one history class was unparalleled in exposing majors to hands-on work in historical research. Nowadays, this work has been incorporated in students’ senior theses.

  • After another successful Reading Rainbow event sponsored by the Office of Academic Resources, we have seven suggestions for books to add to your personal library (or holiday wishlist) this winter.

  • Tis the season for the beloved campus tradition in which denizens of the upperclass dorm decorate their entryways with festive lights, wrapping paper, and even a couple of Minions.

  • A message from President Kim Benston and Board Chair Rick White.

  • Brooklyn-based data artist and web developer Josh Begley came to campus for a talk on his work, which uses data to make visual modern America’s problems, from police violence to immigration to mass incarceration.

  • Former Friend in Residence Amanda Kemp returned to campus for “Say the Wrong Thing,” an interactive event featuring readings from her new book of the same name and spoken-word and musical performances.

  • New York Times national security correspondent Mark Mazzetti was brought to campus by the Department of Political Science to give a talk on the “shadow wars” the next president will inherit.

  • The Los Angeles Times Book Award-winning poet gave a well-attended reading in Magill Library.

  • Two events, one featuring a panel conversation with professors from the Political Science Department, and the other featuring a presentation by Amelia Kegan of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, gave community members a chance to formulate responses to this year’s election results.

  • On Veteran’s Day, in honor of the centennial of “The Great War,” a Swamp White Oak was planted on College Road by members of Uncommon Individual’s Saving Hallowed Ground program.

  • During the annual energy-saving competition, sponsored by the Committee for Environmental Responsibility, the campus saved a whopping 4,885 kWh overall, more than twice last year's total.

  • HavOC, the student-run outdoors club, aims to make activities like hiking, rock-climbing, backpacking accessible for all members of the Haverford community, regardless of experience level.