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  • For her thesis, the psychology major explored the effects of a particular hormone on pregnancy by studying mice.

  • The political science major studied the ways in which educational policies that group students by performance can lead to a type of intra-district segregation along racial and socioeconomic lines.

  • The English major is starting her career as a case intake analyst with the Philadelphia-based class action law firm Berger Montague.

  • The chemistry major is moving to Illinois to pursue a Ph.D. in his field at Northwestern University.

  • The first Haverford student ever to graduate with a major from the recently founded Bi-College Department of Environmental Studies used techniques she learned as a double major in mathematics to study stream health in Philadelphia.

  • The international studies major is interning at KiCK Global, a Barcelona-based marketing agency, prior to pursuing a similar position back in the U.S.

  • The psychology major and dance minor is splitting her time between her two respective passions at a Harvard Lab and a Cambridge ballet studio.

  • Physics and astronomy double major Reilly Milburn ’19 used his thesis to investigate both an exciting kind of astronomical object and the tools used to detect these objects.

  • Political science major and Spanish minor Nico Kaplan ’19 is exploring the relationship between political and cultural projects by working with documentary distribution company Argot Pictures to reach Spanish-speaking audiences and organizations that stand committed to supporting immigrant communities in NYC.

  • The softball player and sociology major explored how trending boutique fitness studios impact contemporary notions of health, wellness, and femininity in an era defined by universalizing pushes for gender equality.

  • The chemistry major’s thesis involved innovative research that was published in a high-impact science journal.

  • The economics major will be joining IBM at their Burlington, VT., location as a data scientist.

  • Classical languages major Paul Brucia Breitenfeld ’19 used the cultural allusions in a second-century North African Latin novel to understand the reach and oppression of the Roman empire.

  • In his thesis, the chemistry major explores potential cures for pancreatic cancer.

  • The biology major’s thesis examined a non-toxic method of controlling the population of the <em>Drosophila suzukii</em>, which pose a threat to the agricultural industry by attacking fruit at a much earlier stage than their standard fruit fly counterparts.