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  • Organized by the Multicultural Alumni Action Group in partnership with student organization Haverford Votes, the panel featured alumni with diverse political backgrounds sharing the importance of next month’s elections.

  • Colette Freedman in a scene from her movie Quality Problems, sitting on a swingset with another woman

    The screenwriter, actor, producer, biographer, playwright, and otherwise involved filmmaker is keeping the industry on its toes with her diverse portfolio of women-centered work.

  • As a Haverford House fellow, the sociology major is continuing work he started with his senior thesis: highlighting the experiences of people of color in predominantly white environments.

  • Jim Infantino on guitar and his band onstage at a Boston club.

    Songwriter and novelist Jim Infantino '87 applies lyrical depth and a philosophical approach to making music.

  • The linguistics major, religion minor, and Africana studies concentrator wrote her thesis using ethnography to explore race and language in Ghana.

  • Ron Shapiro headshot

    The former sports agent, author, and founder of the Shapiro Negotiations Institute shares some of his "trade secrets."

  • William FitzGerald head shot

    William FitzGerald '83 had the opportunity to leave his mark on the next generation of researchers in academia. 

  • Richard Peet in his boardroom

    In two new business ventures, Richard Peet ’76 is bringing to market the health benefits of high-fiber, gluten-free chicory flour and the therapeutic potential of biosynthetically produced cannabinoids.

  • Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley in Burning Man's San Francisco headquarters

    Beyond the famous Burning Man Festival, Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley ’11 works year-round to organize artistic and cultural programs for the San Francisco-based nonprofit Burning Man Project.

  • Angel Rodriguez in one of the tax-delinquent lots his agency has taken control of in recent months.

    As the first executive director of the Philadelphia Land Bank, Angel Rodriguez ’89 has a vision for creating a more equitable Philadelphia—one vacant lot at a time.

  • Alisa Roth headshot and book cover

    In her new book, Insane, America’s Criminal Treatment of Mental lllness, Roth explores how mental illnesses are treated in the country’s correctional facilities.

  • The political science major has channeled her passion for minority advocacy into a career as a capital defender.

  • As an ecology lab technician at the University of Vermont, the chemistry major examines local soil samples to see the effects of climate change.

  • Keller, who was heavily involved in the campus comedy scene throughout his time at Haverford, is breaking into the entertainment industry with a job as a production assistant.

  • Russell, who has spent the past few years as the managing artistic director of the Allentown Public Theatre, will further her theater studies at the Universität Gießen in Germany.