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  • This year’s edition of the annual event featured insights into the American economy in the current political climate from former Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews ’90 and Harvard Professor Marc Melitz ’89 alongside moderator Jennifer Kowalski ’17.

  • A Haverford alum, Gerber is widely regarded as a major influencer of the modern classical music scene. Thanks to summer work with the Haverford Libraries by Alice Berry BMC ’19, his compositions have been given new life online.

  • Molly Sheehan in front of an American flag

    Haverford alumni are stepping up as first-time political candidates, boldly challenging longtime incumbents and the political “machine” in their communities. For all, the decision to seek office is an effort to live their values. “If you feel something, don’t just throw your shoe at the TV,” says one. “Do something.”

  • Edelman's piece Goodbye Pork Pie Hat which shows a hat flying over water through mountains

    The sculptor and animator works with found objects to turn the everyday into the masterful.

  • Nobel laureate George P. Smith is mobbed by selfie seekers at an event at the University of Missouri

    Smith, one of three Nobel laureates in chemistry this year, is the fourth Haverford College alum to win a Nobel Prize and the second—after Joseph Taylor, Jr.—from the Class of 1963.

  • Organized by the Multicultural Alumni Action Group in partnership with student organization Haverford Votes, the panel featured alumni with diverse political backgrounds sharing the importance of next month’s elections.

  • Colette Freedman in a scene from her movie Quality Problems, sitting on a swingset with another woman

    The screenwriter, actor, producer, biographer, playwright, and otherwise involved filmmaker is keeping the industry on its toes with her diverse portfolio of women-centered work.

  • As a Haverford House fellow, the sociology major is continuing work he started with his senior thesis: highlighting the experiences of people of color in predominantly white environments.

  • Jim Infantino on guitar and his band onstage at a Boston club.

    Songwriter and novelist Jim Infantino '87 applies lyrical depth and a philosophical approach to making music.

  • The linguistics major, religion minor, and Africana studies concentrator wrote her thesis using ethnography to explore race and language in Ghana.

  • Ron Shapiro headshot

    The former sports agent, author, and founder of the Shapiro Negotiations Institute shares some of his "trade secrets."

  • William FitzGerald head shot

    William FitzGerald '83 had the opportunity to leave his mark on the next generation of researchers in academia. 

  • Richard Peet in his boardroom

    In two new business ventures, Richard Peet ’76 is bringing to market the health benefits of high-fiber, gluten-free chicory flour and the therapeutic potential of biosynthetically produced cannabinoids.

  • Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley in Burning Man's San Francisco headquarters

    Beyond the famous Burning Man Festival, Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley ’11 works year-round to organize artistic and cultural programs for the San Francisco-based nonprofit Burning Man Project.

  • Angel Rodriguez in one of the tax-delinquent lots his agency has taken control of in recent months.

    As the first executive director of the Philadelphia Land Bank, Angel Rodriguez ’89 has a vision for creating a more equitable Philadelphia—one vacant lot at a time.