Headline Archive for Rebecca Raber

  • For her thesis, the mathematics major explored how statistics are used (and can potentially be misused) in legal proceedings.

  • The librarian of the College recommends five relatively recent titles from across different genres—historical fiction, science, mystery, literary fiction—that will help keep any vacation interesting.

  • The classical culture and society major sought to understand a modern comic masterpiece through the lens of Homeric epics.

  • Inspired by endangered species from her home state, the fine arts major made paper lithographs of animals on colorful graphic backgrounds for her thesis exhibition.

  • The history major was inspired by diaries she found in Quaker and Special Collections to craft a thesis on the transition to womanhood in mid-19th century Philadelphia Quaker communities.

  • The college archivist and records manager recommends three titles that grapple with what America has become—politically, racially, even sartorially—and how it got that way.

  • Our collection management and metadata services assistant makes five suggestions, including two titles for young readers, that involve unexpected connections and new worlds of possibility.

  • The economics major and environmental studies minor combined her academic interests in a thesis exploring the illegal ivory trade.

  • The former first-year dean died July 13. She was 69. 

  • Our lead research and instruction librarian suggests three books that feature individuals taking action in difficult times.

  • A talented team of student photographers helps the Office of College Communications document life at Haverford for the web, social media, the magazine, and posterity. Here are some of their stories and favorite shots.

  • “For me, the greatest pleasure of reading is being transported from everyday reality to someplace else entirely,” says the senior administrative assistant, “so here are some windows to worlds that are better, worse, and just plain different.”

  • More than 15,000 donors contributed a total of $269,533,390 to the campaign, which is funding the College’s strategic plan and transforming the campus both inside and out. A special campus celebration is planned for the evening of Saturday, October 28.

  • The interlibrary loan specialist suggests five titles that will transport you to different eras and countries, from WWII-era Britain to 1990s Shanghai and beyond.

  • Many scholarship recipients have a deep sense of connection to their alumni benefactors.