Headline Archive for Rebecca Raber

  • Highlighting faculty professional activities, including conferences, exhibitions, performances, awards, and publications. 

  • The Global China Connection and Haverford Asian Students Association co-hosted a catered, family-style, Cantonese dinner to showcase the diversity of Chinese regional cuisine.

  • This political science course analyzes the complex issues surrounding women as political actors and the ways in which citizenship relates to men and women differently.

  • This writing seminar considers the way food practices and the discourses that surround them can unite families, consolidate ethnic identity, reinforce class boundaries, and even express gender.

  • The Los Angeles Times Book Award-winning poet gave a well-attended reading in Magill Library.

  • On Veteran’s Day, in honor of the centennial of “The Great War,” a Swamp White Oak was planted on College Road by members of Uncommon Individual’s Saving Hallowed Ground program.

  • HavOC, the student-run outdoors club, aims to make activities like hiking, rock-climbing, backpacking accessible for all members of the Haverford community, regardless of experience level.

  • Professor of Physics Suzanne Amador Kane used a headcam on a goshawk to learn how it searches for its prey. 

  • This year, Israel Burshatin’s comparative literature course on the dissenting voices of gender and sexuality in Spain and Spanish America is buoyed by a related exhibition in Magill Library around the Inquisition trial of a F-to-M trans surgeon born into slavery.

  • For the fourth year in a row, Haverford residents played Humans Vs. Zombies, a campus-wide live-action game of moderated tag in which “zombies” and “humans” both fight to stay alive.

  • Four students were contestants on the popular radio program and podcast when it taped its first college show live on campus. 

  • This introductory course in environmental studies is team taught by faculty from different disciplines and uses case studies as the basis for its exploration of contemporary and historical environmental issues.

  • This year’s Family and Friends Weekend, which welcomed hundreds of our students’ relatives to campus, was themed around issues of environmentalism and sustainability. It also served as a homecoming weekend for our youngest alumni.

  • A recent symposium brought together experts and academics from around the globe to unpack issues related to the the increasingly important intersection of science and ethics: a photo gallery.

  • This year a new student-run club is providing a space where casual fans, competitors, and newcomers alike can come together and enjoy the Pokémon world of games and other entertainment.