Headline Archive for James Weissinger

  • October 18-21st, 2023

  • network members holding protest signs with slogans like edit out hate

    HCAH and VCAM in partnership with the Asian American Documentary Network (A-DOC) invite applications for the position of Impact Lab Coordinator for the Summer 2022 DocuLab project, “Haverford A-DOC Impact Lab.” Deadline: Noon, Feb. 17, 2022.

  • series of photos of a woman's face progressively losing focus

    Apply to be the Production Coordinator for the College’s 2021 DocuLab project, “For, With, and Against the Camera: Performance Cinema,” led by Haverford Visual Studies faculty member John Muse. Deadline: 1/22/21.

  • Ethnocine Artist Residency at Haverford College

    During fall 2020, filmmakers Seemab Gul and Nida Mehboob will be in virtual residence at Haverford College’s VCAM (Visual Culture, Arts, and Media) facility through its new Media and Makers Initiative. During their time with Haverford, they’ll meet with faculty and students, as well as work on post-production for their film How I Like It.

  • side by side of reference image and 3d relief sculpture

    Learn about upcoming fall events, workshops, and series sponsored by VCAM.

  • Interior of VCAM with logo on the wall

    The following new policies and procedures are now in effect for fall 2020 to promote the safety of students, staff, and faculty using and working in VCAM.

  • The three women who make up the Gradual incubator team work at laptops on their project

    VCAM’s summer student initiatives—the HIP Innovation Incubator, the Maker Arts Space Design + Making Collaborative Fellowship, and the joint VCAM-Hurford Center Summer DocuLab Program—will all be continuing online for summer 2020.

  • Interior shot of VCAM showing all three levels of the building

    VCAM has received a SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Architecture for Building Additions or Adaptive Reuse Honorable Mention. The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) Excellence Awards program is a juried competition that showcases how using strategic, integrated planning can result in exemplary buildings, grounds, institutional success, and careers that inspire.

  • A student films in the VCAM using a green screen

    VCAM is one of four projects to win an AIA Minnesota Honor Award this year.

  • VCAM Exterior

    Describing the building’s multilevel insertion, Josephine Minutillo writes, “It’s the way those spaces in the new block interact with the rest of the building that makes the project sing.”

  • Hands holding a mannequin head

    Somatic, created by Cole Sansom '19 and Katie Hulihan BMC '20 for the class The Documentary Body, uses a plastic mannequin to explore themes of embodiment via interactive live-streaming video.

  • Close up photograph of someone stitching up a clementine

    "In Progress” was the final exhibition for the spring 2018 course “Theory and Practice of Conceptual Art.”  The exhibition featured individual works of visual art, performances, and score based works, as well as a joint project in collaboration with Mariel Capanna, who donated a large painted mural which she had completed at Haverford. Visitors cut out their favorite sections, leaving verbal descriptions in their place.

  • Needlepoint reading please touch the art

    Organized by Tess Haas BMC '18, PLEASE TOUCH THE ART: an anti-aesthetic project features textile works that value tactility and touch over visual aesthetic. At the intersection of curatorial theory and artistic practice, this project aims to be wholly accessible to all. PLEASE TOUCH THE ART features small-, medium-, and large-scale embroidery works, along with one sculpture (co-created by local Philadelphia sculptor Cameron King) and one interactive piece.

  • Two folding chairs placed in front of a viewing screen

    Curated by students in Sally Berger’s class Visual Studies 210: Moving Image Media and Art Exhibition, Green Screen features a mid-career exhibition of all of visiting filmmaker Sam Green’s short films.

  • Blueprint drawings strung around the room by hangers

    In Lay/Lines, Isabella Siegel ’19 visualized layers of three Philadelphia neighborhoods and drew them onto sheets of clear acetate. The viewers were able to rearrange the layers, and interact with the work to bring layers to the front, or push others behind.