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Be Safe, Friends

Haverford College's policies and protocols for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic will be rooted in the health, safety, and well-being of our faculty, staff, and students, and for the public with whom we interact.

Haverford College's response to the COVID-19 pandemic is guided by our four overarching principles:

  1. we will provide an excellent liberal arts education;
  2. we will ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students, faculty, and staff;
  3. we will contribute to the greater good;
  4. we will steward Haverford as a perpetual institution.

Haverford’s plans will also be aligned and consistent with local orders and ordinances of Delaware and Montgomery Counties, as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Phased Reopening Model. Haverford’s plans will also follow recommendations from the federal government (Opening Guidelines), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Pennsylvania Department of Public Health.

Current Campus Operations: Level 1

Levels of Campus Operations are defined by the BICo Mitigation Plan (PDF). Visit the COVID-19 Dashboard to learn more.

Campus and the Nature Trail are closed to outside visitors. To minimize the potential for vectoring and to support the health of the Haverford community and those with whom our community members interact, visitors to campus will be permitted on the Haverford College campus only as authorized guests.

Our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve, and policies and plans will be updated as appropriate as more information becomes available.


Students, please notify your professors/coaches/deans and self-isolate if you are feeling ill and cannot participate in classroom or other activities.

Health related questions: or call (610) 896-1089.

Course registration, lotteries, or class schedule questions:

Cleaning, facilities and operational questions:

When in doubt, you can always contact your dean.

Report a Health or Safety Concern

Get Screened

You are required to have a COVID-19 screening test prior to arrival on campus. Surveillance testing for students, faculty, and staff will occur at regular intervals throughout the semester. View the COVID-19 Dashboard.

Wear Your Mask

A face mask or face covering is required at all times in all campus facilities and on College grounds, as well as when traveling in a vehicle. Review the Facial Covering Policy (PDF).

Maintain Physical Distance

You must maintain a distance of six feet or greater between yourself and others everywhere on campus (and off).

Self-Monitor for Symptoms

All faculty, staff, and students must conduct symptom self-monitoring (temperature and other symptom checks) every day that they are present on campus. Download a daily self-checklist.

Wash Your Hands

Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

Keep a Contact Journal

A "contact journal" helps us to quickly identify contacts in the event there is a positive COVID-19 case in our community. Download a contact journal template.

Academic Life for Students

Academic Approach for 2020-2021

Spring 2021

The Bi-Co Continuity Planning Group approved an extension of the Bi-College’s current educational approach along with the following key dates:

  • Friday, January 29: First Day of Class
  • Friday, January 29–Sunday, February 14: All Classes Remote
  • Thursday, April 29: Last Day of Class
  • Friday, April 30–Saturday, May 8: Reading Days and Finals. All final exams will be remote.
  • Sunday, May 9: All residential students who are not seniors will leave campus housing no later than this date.
  • Due dates for submitting grades remain unchanged.
  • Saturday, May 15: Commencement

To allow for a controlled return and any necessary quarantines, we will stagger student move-in as we did this fall.

Fall 2020

Any enrolled student who chooses not to return to campus is welcome to learn remotely during the fall semester of 2020. The class schedule has been expanded, and a small number of courses may occur during the weekend.

  • Students should expect a mix of remote and in-person learning strategies. All Haverford courses will be available with a remote learning option for those studying from off campus.
  • Building small-group experiences is a key focus for the fall. Classes may be subdivided into smaller sections, while others may use a "flipped" experience to allow for asynchronous learning approaches.
  • The traditional course "shopping" experience won’t happen this fall. Instead, we’re making every effort to ensure you are able to browse course information and are given ample opportunity to adjust your schedule before the start of the semester.

Specific registration details and materials will be provided by the Registrar’s Office. You may also download the Academic Calendar for 2020-2021 .

Safe Learning Spaces

Everyone is required to wear a face mask or face covering in all campus facilities and on College grounds. It is also vital to observe physical distancing rules by maintaining at least six feet (two meters) separation between yourself and others everywhere on campus (and off).

Registrar's Office Classroom Guidelines

You can expect the following cleaning and safety protocols:

  • Classrooms will be sanitized twice daily with physically-distanced seating already in place.
  • Occupancy limits and cleaning schedules will be posted.
  • Labs, studios, and other hands-on classes will observe strict protocols, and sanitizing supplies will be provided to sanitize instruments, equipment and devices. Physical distancing with respect to occupancy will be posted.
  • Libraries will be open with seating configured to support appropriate distancing. Supplies will be provided for students to sanitize high-touch areas such as computer keyboards and mice, scanners, self-checkout machines, and touchscreens. Visit the Library website for more information.

Fall & Spring Breaks

There will be no fall break, and instead students will have a week-long Thanksgiving holiday—beginning after the last day of on-campus classes, Friday, November 20. Students will not return to campus after Thanksgiving but instead will finish the semester via remote learning and with final exams administered at a distance.

To reduce travel during the semester, we will not have spring break this year, but we will encourage faculty to coordinate efforts to offer a lighter workload at some point during the semester. While there may not be a traditional spring break, there can be a moment for rest and restoration.

Consortial Learning

Our plan has been developed in partnership with our counterparts at Bryn Mawr College. Students will be allowed to travel to BMC to take face-to-face courses, and vice-versa. Students planning to take courses at Swarthmore or the University of Pennsylvania should consult with their dean.

Academic Travel

To minimize the potential for vectoring and to support the health of the Haverford community and of those with whom our community members interact, ​all College-related or -supporting travel, regardless of funding source, will be strictly limited and will be permitted only as authorized prior to such travel. Personal travel should be strictly limited to essential trips only. Refer to the Travel Policy (PDF).

Health, Safety, and Well-being


Here's what the College expects of anyone living or working on campus:

  • By choosing to return to campus, students commit to the Community Expectations and Judicial Processes that have been shared by the Dean's Office.
  • You are required to have a COVID-19 screening test prior to arrival on campus. Students will be rescreened once on campus. Health Services will test the student body on a regular schedule to determine any changes in infection rates.
  • Commuter students are required to participate in campus wide testing protocols and expectations, including a pre-arrival COVID test (uploaded to HaverHealth) and on campus surveillance screening tests.
  • Pursuant to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and guidance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all employees (faculty and staff), students, and authorized visitors are required to wear a facial covering or disposable mask while present on College grounds or in campus facilities. This includes travel in vehicles and essential trips to public spaces off campus. Review the Facial Covering Policy (PDF).
  • You must maintain at least six feet of separation between yourself and others everywhere on campus (and off).
  • You must conduct symptom self-monitoring every day that you are present on campus. For your own health you are encouraged to do so every day regardless of whether or not you will be on campus.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • You are expected to use contact journaling to keep track of your contacts throughout each day. For the purposes of journaling, a "close contact" is contact with anyone for greater than 10 minutes within 6 feet of space.
  • You are required to watch the Your Campus and COVID-19: The Road Back training course prior to returning or immediately upon return to campus. Details on logging into the training course can be found in the Fall 2020 Workday task in your Workday Inbox.



Visit Health Services for important information regarding CDC guidelines, COVID-19 testing, flu vaccines, quarantine spaces on campus, and more.

Health Services


Visit Human Resources for important information about working on campus and returning to work protocols.

Human Resources

Safety in Vehicles During COVID-19

Traveling in a personal vehicle is comparable to being in an enclosed room. If you must ride in a car with someone else, wear a mask before entering the vehicle and throughout the whole trip, put the windows down, do not use the "recycle" setting for A/C, and avoid touching surfaces with your hands. Keep trips short, ideally under ten (10) minutes. Upon disembarking, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as soon as possible and before removing your mask.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Haverford will be surveillance testing all students, faculty, and staff at regular intervals throughout the semester. The COVID-19 Dashboard reflects the sum of positive test results for the on-campus community. We will not be sending general notifications about individual cases of COVID-19.

Current Campus Operations: Level 1

Levels of Campus Operations defined by BICo Mitigation Plan (PDF).

COVID-19 Dashboard

Health & Safety Concerns

Do you have a concern you’d like to share about health and safety on our campus? Are there places where it's hard to remain physically distant? Are you concerned about structures, policies, or behaviors that might put members of our community at risk? Use this anonymous form to let us know. The more specific you can be—about what’s happening, where, when, and the people involved—the more likely it is that the College can helpfully take action.

Report a Health or Safety Concern

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Facilities will be instituting enhanced and frequent cleaning of hallways, common spaces, and community bathrooms per CDC and Pennsylvania guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be readily available at entrances to buildings, while sanitizing wipes will be available in restrooms, common/break rooms and public computing areas.

Review the Cleaning Protocols

If You Exhibit COVID-19 Symptoms or Test Positive


  • Students arriving from the states currently listed in the governor's orders must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.
  • Students will receive regular reminders with a monitoring checklist and instructions for what to do in the case of experiencing any symptoms.
  • Any student who is symptomatic will be placed in quarantine until test results are reviewed. Any positive student will be placed in designated isolation spaces with access to telehealth, counseling, as well as academic support and dining services.

Visit Health Services for detailed information.


  • Employees who are experiencing symptoms at home should contact their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources, and should not report to campus until they have been cleared by a physician.
  • If you become symptomatic during your work shift, you must contact your supervisor and the Office of Human Resources, alert them to your symptoms, and immediately leave campus. You should not report back to campus until you have been cleared by a physician.
  • Employees must report any disclosed positive COVID-19 test results or potential infection immediately to the Office of Human Resources (for employees) or to the Student Health Center (for students).

Visit Human Resources for detailed information.

Additional On-Campus Resources for Students

  • Students with questions about Access and Disability Services' accommodations process should contact Sherrie Borowsky at
  • Counseling and Psychological Services will be open and accessible for all students. Request support by emailing Contact Campus Safety with any urgent or crisis concerns in order to be connected with a CAPS counselor.
  • You@Haverford is a confidential and personalized hub of resources that is available to all students. Learn more about this unique resource and set up an account.
  • Campus Safety is available 24/7 and you can call (610) 896-1111 if you're sick or concerned about someone else.

Campus Life

Residential Life

After careful deliberation and receiving the enrollment survey results, we have made the decision to move to an all-singles housing environment.

Move-in & Fall 2020 Details

Dining on Campus

The Dining Center (DC) will be open. A maximum occupancy has been set for spaces that follows the guidelines of the CDC and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for safe occupancy in this pandemic.

  • Take Out (East Side & West Side) is available. View Hours.
  • DC Lower Level: Not Available-please use the west side patio entrance.
  • All meal plan swipes are accepted at every Dining Services location. The Coop, Library Café, and the DC plus both Grab and Go locations.


Grab-n-Go (prepared and packaged foods) will be expanded and available for pick-up in the DC Lower Level, Coop, and Library Café. All Grab-n-Go locations will have the same meal offerings, and students can pay for Grab-n-Go options with their meal swipes at all dining locations. The DC is exploring options for having a mobile ordering process.

Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

All dietary requests and accommodations will follow the Nutritional Needs procedures previously put in place by the College. Students with nutritional requests or questions should contact Natalie Zaparzynski, the College’s dietician.

Dining Services

Outdoor Spaces

  • Outdoor campus spaces—for social gatherings or activities—must be reserved through EMS before utilizing. EMS has been programmed to provide you with the maximum number of occupants for all reservable spaces on campus.
  • Students using outdoor, reservable spaces must abide by the College’s physical distancing and health / safety protocols including masking, limiting gatherings to the posted maximum number of occupants, and maintaining 6ft distancing between peers.
  • The College has identified outdoor areas where students can gather to eat, study, and/or socialize. Download a map of Gathering Spaces (PDF).
  • The Nature Trail will be accessible only for faculty, staff, and students who are living or working on campus. Physical distancing guidelines apply at all times. We look forward to welcoming neighbors back as soon as it is safe to do so.

Reserve a Space in EMS

Visitors On-Campus

To minimize the potential for vectoring and to support the health of the Haverford community and those with whom our community members interact, visitors to campus will be permitted on the Haverford College campus only as authorized guests.

Campus Access and Guest Policy (PDF)

Voting On-Campus

Students are encouraged to vote via mail-in ballot to minimize congestion at the polling place. Review the Voting Information for Students for details on deadlines, voting methods, and registering.

Voting Information for Students

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Working & Teaching at Haverford

Workplace Expectations and Guidelines

Each of us who returns to campus will strictly live by five cornerstones of data-driven health practices:

  1. universal face masking,
  2. six-foot physical distancing,
  3. daily symptom monitoring,
  4. frequent hand washing,
  5. and keeping a faithful contact journal.

For our own well-being and that of those around us, we should also all follow these evidence-driven COVID-19 mitigation practices away from campus in our personal lives and as we might teach, learn, or work remotely.

Visit Human Resources for the COVID-19 policies, protocols and guidelines for working and teaching at Haverford College.

COVID-19 & Working at Haverford


All students, faculty, and staff who return to campus will be tested for COVID-19 prior to the start of the semester and at regular intervals throughout the fall. Point-of-care testing for symptomatic students is available via Health Services; employees who need access to additional testing should contact their primary care providers. The COVID-19 Dashboard reflects the sum of positive test results for the on-campus community.

Athletics & On-Campus Events

First Semester Athletic Plans

Haverford College, like many of its peer institutions, has made the decision to cancel all competition for the first semester of the 2020-2021 year. We realize that cancelling sport competition for the first semester is not the decision you had hoped to hear, even if not unexpected. We admire, appreciate and respect your dedication and commitment to being a student-athlete at Haverford–this is no easy task. Please know that Haverford has taken unprecedented steps to support the health and safety of our community as classes resume and while this was an extremely difficult decision, it was made after much deliberation and with your and the rest of our community's safety as the number one priority. With indoor athletic facilities closed for the fall, controlled team practices, PE classes, and other fitness activities will shift outside as it is safe to do so.

Student-Athlete FAQs

Events & Gatherings

Campus and the Nature Trail are currently closed to outside visitors. We look forward to welcoming neighbors back as soon as it is safe to do so.

To minimize the potential for vectoring and to support the health of the Haverford community and those with whom our community members interact, visitors to campus will be permitted on the Haverford College campus only as authorized guests.

All spaces must be reserved in Event Management System (EMS) before accessing them for study, event, or meeting purposes.

Campus Access & Guest Policy (PDF)

Club & Organization Activity

For all in-person student gatherings and meetings, students must remain masked, maintain 6ft of physical distance, and abide by the College's Health & Safety Guidelines, including the capacity guidelines in EMS.

  • Student clubs and organizations are encouraged to virtual means of engagement—when possible—throughout the Fall ’20 semester. Clubs and organizations are permitted to operate and can access Students’ Council funding as per normal semester processes.
  • Students can still reserve meeting and event spaces, but must adhere to the capacity limits indicated on EMS.
  • The club sports program will not have scheduled competitions during the fall semester.

Full details are available in the Fall 2020 Information for all Clubs & Organizations.


Family & Friends

Haverford's Office of the President and Office of the Dean have been releasing regular messages to current students, and the Campus community, with operational updates during this unprecedented time. These messages are offered as a reference for current family and friends of Haverford students.

Information for Families

Safety Posters

Download and print COVID-19 safety posters for use around campus. If the available templates don't meet your specific needs, please complete the sign request form.

Contact Information Signs

Contact Info Signs in Google Docs Tempaltes

To help folks on campus contact those of us who are remaining remote, please consider using our sign templates. Two versions are available via your Haverford College Google account.

Once you're done, select "File" and then "Email as attachment". Send it to, and add your name and the place you'd like the sign posted in the message itself. Central Services will print and post the sign for you.

How to Access the Templates

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