Sharpless Hall

Sharpless Hall Renovation

Will offer new engineering infrastructure and modern labs for the Biology and Psychology Departments.

Members of the Biology and Psychology Departments, along with Facilities and IITS, have worked closely with EYP Architecture and Engineering, a firm with an extensive track record in laboratory design, to reimagine our new facilities. The design will be realized by a partnership with Cascades Construction. The building has been vacated entirely in order to complete construction, which started in May of 2016, with a move in date in January 2017.

The design process has achieved a result that meets the aspirations of the academic programs, attends to student requests, and offers the whole community a warm and welcoming environment for interactive academic and scholarly work. Aspirations are increased visibility of these programs, enhanced penetrance of natural light into the core, and spaces that better facilitate the important collaboration amongst the faculty, staff, and students in these departments.

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