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Haverford College offers a wide range of courses on statistical theory and applications. Statistics minors take a core sequence in probability and statistics, with later flexibility in pursuing either a more applied or a more theoretical track.​

Curriculum & Courses

Math majors and minors can also declare a Statistics minor.

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    Statistics Minor Requirements

    • One of the following courses (Introduction to Statistics): STAT H203, ECON H204, PSYC H200, SOCL H215
    • STAT H286 (Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis)
    • MATH H218 (Probability)
    • MATH H215 (Linear Algebra)
    • MATH H121 or MATH H216 (Multivariable Calculus)
    • One of the following:
      • STAT H328 (Mathematical Statistics)
      • STAT H396 (Advanced Topics in Probability and Statistics)
      • ECON H304 (Econometrics)
      • SOCL H320 (Advanced Quantitative Methods for Sociologists).

    Courses taken at other institutions may be used to satisfy minor requirements, provided that the department chair approves these courses in advance.

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