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New Choices for Those Who Support Haverford


Beginning July 1, 2012, alumni, parents and friends of Haverford College are now able to direct their gifts within the College’s Annual Fund to support one of the following six areas: academic enrichment, financial aid, student life, campus and facilities, athletics or greatest need.



Since the conclusion of the Educating to Lead, Educating to Serve Campaign in 2004, the Annual Fund has provided unrestricted support to Haverford, allowing the College to use its discretion in directing gifts to the areas where they were most needed within the budget. Currently, Haverford’s Annual Fund accounts for approximately seven percent of the annual operating budget.



With the new Annual Fund, donors themselves will be able to tell the College which area of programmatic support, specifically, they wish to direct their annual gifts to, giving them discretion over the use of such funds.



“Donors today are requesting more from the organizations they choose to support,” explained Michael Kiefer, vice president for Institutional Advancement. “They want to feel confident that their gifts are being used in a manner that is meaningful to them personally.”



The six areas donors will now be able to choose from within the Annual Fund are broad enough to encompass all aspects of the Haverford experience, providing a variety of options that will appeal to a wide range of supporters that includes alumni across multiple decades, current and past parents, and friends of the College who use the campus or are otherwise connected to Haverford.



“Meeting donors’ needs by offering them more ways to earmark their gifts to the Annual Fund strengthens their connection to the institution,” says Kiefer. “Our alumni, parents and friends want to be able to see the tangible impact of their gifts. Now we can report back to them more specifically about what interests them most—whether it’s academics or the honor code or athletics.”



Since Fiscal Year 2007-2008, the Annual Fund has grown by nearly $1.5 million—an increase of 37 percent, while the College’s budget has grown by only $2.9 million (approximately four percent) since that time. With a new comprehensive campaign on the horizon, the College aims to grow the Annual Fund to a sustainable $7 million per year. In doing so, it will continue to provide a vital revenue stream that, along with tuition and endowment distributions, helps meet the budgetary needs of the College from year to year. Just as importantly, it increases the College’s capacity for innovation and strengthens our ability to flexibly and creatively respond to the changing needs of students in a timely way, enhancing their experiences both in and beyond the classroom.



--Emily Weisgrau




Areas of Annual Fund Support



Academic Enrichment

Haverford students learn from and work with teacher-scholars in an intellectually rich and open environment, immersed in an ever-evolving process of learning and discovery. Gifts in this area will benefit teaching, learning and research by providing funds for academic departments, curriculum development, instructional programs, the libraries, technology services and the academic Centers.



Financial Aid

We are committed to making Haverford affordable for all academically qualified students so that those most able to benefit from and contribute to this community may attend, regardless of their ability to pay.  Gifts in this area will sustain the College’s commitment to need-blind admission, which is underscored by our decision to replace loans with grants.



Campus and Facilities

Haverford’s campus has long been noted for its beauty and is beloved by alumni, students, faculty and neighbors alike. Gifts in this area will provide funding to maintain and upgrade our grounds and facilities in order to meet the living and learning needs of our community.



Student Life

Students complement their academic experience with self-governance, volunteerism, performances and more. Gifts in this area will make these opportunities possible, as well as support resources such as the bookstore, health services, student activities, career development and the deans’ offices. These critical services ensure that students thrive within a positive and supportive environment.




Haverford is committed to team play, competitive sports and physical education as integral components of undergraduate education. Gifts in this area will underwrite intercollegiate varsity teams, competitive club teams, intramural programs, recreational activities and more, all of which foster a culture of intellectual, physical and personal development.



Greatest Need (Unrestricted)

Gifts in this area provide unrestricted operating support. As such, Haverford has the most flexibility in directing gifts to the areas of the College where they are needed the most.


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