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Reading the Koran

Friday, September 10 - all day in Special Collections, Magill Library

While some would promote such an unfortunate event as a "Burn a Koran" day, Special Collections would like to offer the Haverford community a chance to: "Discern a Koran", "Learn [about] a Koran", and "Turn [the pages of] a Koran" All day today (Friday, September 10) we will have on view in Special Collections several Korans from the collections.  These include an illuminated Koran in manuscript as well as the first printed translations into French and English.

Mark Koltko-Rivera ’78 writes about his response to the controversy over “Burn a Koran Day” in a post on his blog, On the Mark: Social Commentary from a Reflective Perspective. In an effort to promote peace and mutual understanding, Koltko-Rivera has founded the “Christians Reading the Koran" movement and Facebook group.

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The intersection of College Lane and Coursey Road in front of the Cricket Pitch.

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