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Haverford College
Department of Political Science
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Welcome to the Political Science Department

The Political Science Department offers a program of study that provides students with an opportunity to explore politics and government from multiple vantage points – at the grassroots, the nation-state, and the global community – and from a variety of theoretical, conceptual, comparative, historical, and experiential perspectives.

Why Political Science at Haverford: Faculty Research

You'll explore a dynamic and wide-ranging curriculum that reflects and is enriched by the active research agendas of faculty members who have produced numerous prestigious publications within the past two years. More on Faculty Research >

Why Political Science at Haverford: Curriculum

There are more than a dozen new courses in cutting-edge areas such as global governance, terrorism, Islam and democracy, politics and the arts, and mobilization politics. More on Curriculum >

Why Political Science at Haverford: Student Research

We emphasize student research by requiring all majors to take two advanced-level, research seminars and a senior thesis to be undertaken in close collaboration with a faculty member. More on Student Research >

Why Political Science at Haverford: Course Offerings

A unique array of course offerings combines classroom learning with an experiential component featuring, for example, internships with grassroots organizations in Philadelphia and field trips to Guatemala and Venezuela. More on Courses >

Inside PoliSci @ Haverford

  • Sketches on Courses

    Sketches on Courses

    Sketches on Courses lets you take a look at what Political Science courses are really like.
  • Student Research

    Student Research

    The senior thesis represents the capstone of the Political Science major. Learn more about process.
  • Faculty Research

    Faculty Research

    Find out what recent and upcoming publications are in the works from Political Science faculty.
  • Featured Video

    Featured Video

    Digging for the Future: Memory, Denial, and Hope in Guatemala. A student film in 8 Parts. Total Running Time: 31:28.



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