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Haverford College
Office of Residential Life
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Policies & Procedures: Frequently Asked Questions about First-Year Housing and living at Haverford

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Chase Hall, Suite 213
Telephone: 610-896-1298
Fax: 610-896-4960

First-Year Housing First-Year Housing

  1. Where do first-year students live?
  2. How are first-year students housed? Are they housed on a first come, first served basis?
  3. Why can't I request to live in a particular residence hall?
  4. How and when will I get my housing assignment? And the name of my roommate?
  5. Can I contact my roommate or other first-year students? And how do I?
  6. Who else lives on the floor with first-year students?

Arrival Dates Arrival Dates & Visiting Residence Halls

  1. Can I come by in the summer to see my room?
  2. When can I move in?
  3. Can I arrive early?
  4. 4. I am a first-year student participating in the Tri-College Equity, Identity, and Social Justice Institute. When can I move in to my room?
  5. Can I ship things to Haverford prior to my arrival?

Room Amenities Room Amenities

  1. What is provided in each room in Barclay or Gummere?
  2. What should I bring if I am living in Barclay, Gummere or Tritton?
  3. What is provided in each room in HCA?
  4. What should I bring if I am living in HCA?
  5. Are there vacuum cleaners available for students to use?
  6. What are the things I SHOULD NOT bring?
  7. How can I decorate my room?
  8. What is the size of the mattress?
  9. Are there places to do laundry?
  10. What kind of telephone service does Haverford provide in the residence halls?
  11. What kind of computing services and internet connection does the College provide?
  12. Is Wireless Internet available in the residence halls?
  13. Can I have a television in my room? What about a satellite dish?
  14. If I am living in the apartments, can I purchase cable television service?
  15. Are there any places on campus where I can watch cable or satellite television?
  16. Are the residence halls air conditioned?

Social Policies Residence Hall Living & Social Policies

  1. Are bathrooms gender-segregated or gender-neutral in the first-year residence halls?
  2. Does Haverford have Resident Assistants (RAs)?
  3. What is Haverford's policy regarding overnight guests?
  4. What is Haverford's smoking policy?
  5. What is Haverford's alcohol and drug policy?
  6. What is Haverford's Social Honor Code?

Other Questions Other Questions Related to Living at Haverford

  1. What's my mailing address? How do people send mail to me at Haverford?
  2. What meal plan options are available to first-years?
  3. How do I gain access to my residence hall and to my room?
  4. Can first-year students have a car on campus?
  5. Can I bring a bicycle to campus?
  6. Is there student storage on campus?