Isobel Grad

Isobel Grad '11, a Sociology major and environmental studies concentrator, was awarded a Watson Fellowship. She traveled to Iceland, Greece, Madagascar and India to study the social value of local food systems.

Sociology courses help students learn how to “do sociology” by exposing them to exemplars of what sociology has been and by asking them to study micro- and macro-aspects of the “social world.”

We believe that there are a variety of legitimate ways to “do sociology” and we do not seek to privilege any one of them. Our individual courses construct arguments for students to consider, to develop, and to argue against and they provide the analytical and methodological training students need to formulate theoretical arguments and to evaluate those arguments empirically. We want an active engagement from our students as they find their own points-of-view within the discipline, and we expect from them a theoretical and methodological rigor and sophistication within the approaches that they study and adopt.


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    The visiting associate professor of sociology is interviewed about veterans with PTSD in the wake of the recent Montgomery County murders.
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