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Haverford College has chosen its Class of 2008, the most diverse class in the college’s history. An all-time high of 3,038 students applied, a 2 percent increase over last year’s record number of applications. Twenty-nine percent of the applicants were admitted, the lowest rate in the college’s history.

The Class consists of 332 students from 41 states, DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, two Canadian provinces, and 13 countries. Of those enrolled, 32 percent originally applied through the binding Early Decision process. Students who apply early promise to attend if admitted.

Thirty-one percent are students of color: 14 percent are Asian American, 9 percent are African American, 7 percent are Latino/a, and 1 percent are Native American or Arab-American. Fourteen percent are international and, of those, 5 percent are foreign nationals. Nine-percent are first-generation college students, 7 percent are Quakers, and 5 percent are children of alumni. The class is 45 percent male and 55 percent female.

“We’re pleased with the growing impact of Haverford College,” says Haverford President Thomas R. Tritton. “The combination of Haverford’s reputation as one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges, its integrative learning environment, personalized educational experience, Honor Code, and commitment to service and community all contribute to its growing attractiveness.”

Haverford’s commitment to need-blind admissions is also an important factor attracting top students from across the socio-economic spectrum. Haverford offers a strong financial aid program to students who need it. Based on last year's opening enrollment, 43 percent of Haverford students received some level of need-based financial aid.

"We’re very pleased with the composition of Haverford’s Class of 2008,” said Dean of Admission Delsie Phillips. “We have been increasingly reaching out across the country to find top candidates, and we have been actively engaging our alumni in the process, both in locating students early in the process to make sure they are aware of Haverford, and then later through personal outreach and congratulatory receptions to welcome them to the Haverford community.”

Students in Haverford’s Class of 2008 have notable achievements in many areas including academics, the arts, athletics, and community involvement. Eighty percent graduated in the top 10 percent of their class. Sixty-four percent took AP courses in at least four different academic disciplines. Approximately half scored above 700 in their SAT Verbal, SAT Math, and SAT Writing exams.

Several students in the incoming class also have unique backgrounds. Haverford’s Class of 2008 includes a 43-time state champion in jump roping, the founder of a movie-making business, a student with a pilot’s license and several human-rights activists.

Founders Green on a warm spring day.

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