When assigning students to seminars, the Writing Program will consider several factors: your own appraisal of your writing competency; your preferences for particular courses; SAT and ACT test scores and achievement tests where relevant; and the placement essay. Your seminar placement will be available online from the Deans Office on the morning of Thursday, August 28th; your faculty advisor will also be given your writing seminar placement. The placements for the class as a whole, listed alphabetically by last name, will be posted to the home page of the Writing program website, as will the class lists for each seminar for bath fall and spring semesters.

Below you will find links to the placement overview page which explains the placement process for writing seminars; a guide to writing seminars being offered; instructions for the placement essay; and the online seminar preference/essay submission form. We have also included a link to download the entire placement packet. (The selected piece that you are asked to write about in your placement essay, Sherry Turkle's TED talk "Connected, But Alone?", is included in the Placement Essay Instructions.) Seminar preferences and your essay on Turkle's piece are due Friday, July 31, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. via the online preference and essay form.

Any questions, please contact Prof. Debora Sherman, Director of College Writing, 610-896-1255.