Faculty Resources

As our understanding of what writing might entail increases, we find concurrently that we practice a more complex pedagogy. The following online materials are intended to support faculty in assigning and assessing student work in writing, speaking and working with visual imagery in courses across the curriculum.

Academic Integrity

The Elements of Academic Writing

  • Gordon Harvey, A Brief Guide to the Elements of the Academic Essay, Harvard Writing Project (2009)); used broadly throughout writing programs to establish a common vocabulary in which to describe the academic essay.
  • Tom Deans, "Teaching Counter Argument" (2004); introduces a key element for students in understanding the academic essay as entering into a critical conversation.

Designing Writing Assignments

Designing Speaking Assignments

The following describe practices which both prepare students for oral presentations and help instructors to evaluate these presentations:

Evaluating Student Writing

Resources in Visual Literacy and Multivalent Composition

Resources for Teaching Multilingual Speakers and Writers

Resources for Teaching Writers with Disabilities

  • The Haverford Office of Disabilities Services describes college policy as it engages students with disabilities. The link to Faculty Resources on that site includes descriptions of different categories of disability and best practices in teaching inclusively on the page Disabilities and Teaching Strategies.
  • Teaching Students with Disabilities, at UC Berkeley, contains specific suggestions for teaching students with disabilities, including learning disabilities, chronic illness, ADHD, deafness, mobility impairments, and visual disabilities. This information will be of interest both to faculty members and to students with disabilities.
  • The website of the Association of Higher Education and Disability includes a list of publications related to college students with disabilities.