Peer Tutors

Cruz Arroyo '15

Cruz's favorite stage in the writing process would be planning an outline of the essay’s main ideas before the writing begins. He loves to talk through complicated topics and would love to talk with anyone looking to add some structure to their ideas. Outside of the classroom, Cruz’s hobbies include singing and dancing at karaoke, baking cookies and treats, and button-mashing in various fighting games. He is also working in the Student Activities Office.

Cruz Arroyo

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: English with a Japanese minor

Marilyn Baffoe-Bonnie '16

Marilyn is from Langhorne, PA (the home of the wondrous Sesame Place). At Haverford, Marilyn enjoys playing on the Sneetches Ultimate Frisbee team and working for Phonathon. Aside from school and work, she likes to read and talk about public health issues, obsess over the television show Scandal, and enjoy springtime at Haverford. Marilyn also loves eating lightly-frosted vanilla cupcakes (with or without rainbow sprinkles) and singing and grooving to the poetic melodies of Queen Bey and 2 Chainz.

Marilyn Baffoe-Bonnie

Hometown: Langhorne, PA
Major: Psychology with a Health Studies minor

Leila Braun '16

In addition to working at the Writing Center, Leila competes on the fencing team and enjoys running on the nature trail, spending too much time in Magill, and eating Cheez-Its. Leila also likes chocolate (70% dark, preferably), the Sunday New York Times, and the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries with Colin Firth.

Leila Braun

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: English with an Education minor

Abby Corcoran '17

Abby will probably major in history, but isn't quite sure yet. Abby sings in Chorale, and loves mystery novels, Victorian literature, and The New York Times. She also enjoys complaining about the horrible state of North Carolina politics and talking about Quakerism. Abby will probably try to convince you that the Oxford comma is vitally important.

Abby Corcoran

Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Major: Undecided

Freda Coren '17

Freda is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, but finds that she has Texas state pride only when she's crossed the Mason-Dixon line. She will likely major in Anthropology and minor in Health Studies and hopes to be fluent in conversational Spanish by 2016. She loves comedy of all kinds (especially Improv, which she performs here at Haverford) and art (her favorite artist is Rene Magritte). She has been known to watch all brands of The Real Housewives because she thinks that it has real anthropological value. Her favorite things about Haverford are the flowering trees in the spring and the couches in Ryan Gym, where she been known to take a mid-day nap. She loves popular science books, Missy Elliott, honor codes, her parents, and early fall.

Freda Coren

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Undecided

Maddy Durante '16

For fun, Maddy likes to cry about Joni Mitchell, read the kind of books that make her wish she wrote them, run around in the sunshine, and figure out new cities without asking for directions. On campus, she bounces between the Women*s Center, Sneetch Ultimate, WHRC, Speakers' Committee, Customs-related fun, and weak but valiant attempts to break the Haverbubble.

Maddy Durante

Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Major: English and History

Sarah Eppler-Epstein '15

Sarah grew up in a purple house in the fairy tale woods of Connecticut. She just came back from studying abroad in Hyderabad, India. When she is not at the Writing Center, Sarah enjoys singing with the Oxford Blues, running, discussing issues of incarceration, playing guitar, eating ice cream, and hugging people.

Sarah Eppler-Epstein

Hometown: Guilford, CT
Major: Political Science

Nick Gandolfo-Lucia '16

Nick loves all things musical (especially going to/hosting basement shows) and has a crippling affection for Albert Camus. Currently, he is on a Jack Kerouac kick and hopes to “dig” the country during the remainder of his fleeting youth. Nick is also a member of the cross country and indoor/outdoor track teams on campus and plays bass in a jazz group called the Blank Sextet.

Nick Gandolfo-Lucia

Hometown: Haddon Heights, NJ
Major: Philosophy

Sophia Gant '16

Sophia is from Newton, Massachusetts and loves Boston with all her heart. She will stop for every merry-go-round she sees and loves coffee, folk music, baking, darkrooms, novels, and movies. She speaks French and wishes she knew at least five more languages. In addition to tutoring at the Writing Center, Sophia is on Speakers Committee, and works in Admissions.

Sophia Gant

Hometown: Newton, MA
Major: Comparative Literature with a Film Studies minor

Eve Gillison '16

Eve is a junior English major with minors in Japanese and Creative Writing. However, Eve also has interest in history, anthropology, and art. Her goal is to someday master her second and third languages - Spanish and Japanese. Eve can often be found searching for good coffee on campus or in Philadelphia, watching "Adventure Time", or obsessing over the Baltimore Orioles. She also loves ice cream more than she could ever love a human being.

Person Name

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: English with a Japanese minor

Isabel Gross '17

Isabel plans to major in Spanish and minor in anthropology. Isabel is also a dedicated musician, a violinist as well as a member of the Chamber Singers. For the past few summers she has volunteered teaching music in Bogotá, Colombia, where she developed a passion for everything Colombian, from the history to the hospitality to the food. She enjoys literature, art, and travel—especially throughout Latin America—and is currently working on her eighth or ninth attempt at a novel. She looks forward to working with you on your writing, whether it be in English or in Spanish.

Isabel Gross

Hometown: Vienna, VA
Major: Undecided

Rachel James '16

Rachel is majoring in English and minoring in French while still harboring a deep love of history, art, and politics. She loves being in the woods, reading in the Phillips Wing, and rowing on the Schuylkill. Her favorite topics of conversation include literature, feminism, and her two adorable puppies. Among her talents are eating prodigious amounts of baked goods, writing upside-down on whiteboards, and beginning but rarely finishing DIY projects. She's looking forward to working on essays in both English and French to prepare for study abroad.

Rachel James

Hometown: Blacksburg, VA
Major: English with a French minor

Sara Jaramillo '15

Sara has a hard time staying in one place for very long because every time she travels she gets to see Life from fresh eyes (also the food is really delicious). She majors in Philosophy because she is deeply in love with it, as she is also in love with Mozart, every single book she reads, the ocean, rice and beans, and probably everything else in the universe.

Sara Jaramillo

Hometown: Northfield, MN
Major: Philosophy

Sydney Jones '15

Sydney grew up in Madison, Wisconsin with her parents, twin sister, and a snorty Pug named Banjo. While she can never decide on a single favorite author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Gabriel García Márquez, and Virginia Woolf are at the top of her list. In her free time she enjoys playing her guitar, battling the New York Times crossword puzzle, tossing a Frisbee around, and eating copious amounts of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Sydney Jones

Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: English with a Computer Science minor

Emma Lumeij '16

Emma likes bottomless DC fruit, the talks they have around school, and the fall flowers under Link. She likes reading what her friends find interesting and biking whenever possible. She enjoys playing with soccer balls, Frisbees, and/or essays so if you want, you should talk to her either about stories with characters that you can’t quite put your finger on or about books that make you just want to shake cause they’re so unsettling.

Emma Lumeij

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: English

Lauren Lummus '17

Lauren is a sophomore who hopes to major in English and/or Political Science with a concentration in Latin American Studies. When she isn’t working at the Writing Center, she is coaching and choreographing figure skating, orienting her first freshmen family to the Honor Code, snickering at SNL skits, perusing political op-eds on The Huffington Post, or consuming cups of caramel creamer with minimal coffee. Lauren relishes wrestling with words, and is receptive to writings in both English and Spanish!

Lauren Lummus

Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Major: Undecided

Phoebe Miller '15

Phoebe is most likely to be found kicking a soccer ball on Walton field. She harbors a deep and inexplicable love for tigers and things that have coffee in them.

Phoebe Miller

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: English

Koreana Pak '15

A Pennsylvanian born and raised, Koreana is a senior biology major with a passion for natural history. While she aims for a research career, she takes art and creative writing seriously, and hopes to one day become a first-rate storyteller. She's excited to read essays from all disciplines, as well as personal statements. Feel free to ask her about fungi and weird slugs, affinity groups, The Lord of the Rings, or Studio Ghibli.

Koreana Pak

Hometown: Hatfield, PA
Major: Biology

Anna Pedersen '15

Anna had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain last year and would love to practice her Spanish with anyone willing to listen! While not in the Writing Center, Anna might be found HCO-ing, TA-ing, crossword-ing, or frolicking in the rain, which reminds her of her hometown. She looks forward to working on papers in both Spanish and English.

Person Name

Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Comparative Literature with a Spanish minor

Stephen Profeta '15

In addition to working in the Writing Center, Stephen does improv and sketch comedy with the Lighted Fools, plays Ultimate, is an HCO and the founder of the Haverford Croquet Society. He spent the past summer helping to develop a speaking program for the Writing Center and tutoring Chesick scholars, summer work which he is looking forward to continuing during the school year.

Stephen Profeta

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: English

Danny Rothschild '15

Danny co-captains the cricket team and sings bass with the Looney Tunes. You can find him working on the daily crossword in the Dining Center or eating chicken nuggets in the Coop. He plans to spend an unhealthy portion of his senior year coming up with the perfect title for his history thesis. His goal in life is to be able to write like Bill Bryson.

Danny Rothschild

Hometown: Evanston, IL
Major: History with a German minor

Sarah Shatan-Pardo '17

Sarah is a sophomore from Manhattan who's planning on majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. She wants to be an author one day, but that might change if she ever figures out how to play video games for a living. She likes to help people with their writing because it lets her see how their brains work and what they're learning in other classes. Her favorite things in the world are raccoons, potatoes, and music.

Sarah Shatan Pardo

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Undecided

Abby Sweeney '15

Abby is interested in exploring the role both education and religion can play in fostering dialogue, promoting peace, and encouraging communities to form new visions for the future. She loves playing unnecessarily competitive games of charades, trying new recipes, and making lists of places to travel. Most importantly, Abby enjoys meeting new people, discussing ideas, and sharing chocolates while working at the Writing Center!

Abby Sweeney

Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Major: Religion with an Education minor

Katie Tsai '16

When she's not enjoying the writing and chocolate at the Writing Center, Katie loves chemistry jokes, hunting for snacks, reality TV, and road trips. On campus, she is an admissions tour guide, a coordinator for an Autism playgroup, a MAST coordinator, and a tutor at a Philadelphia elementary school. Feel free to visit Katie at the Writing Center for anything (especially lab reports, research posters, internship applications, and grants!)

Katie Tsai '16

Hometown: Merion Station, PA
Major: Chemistry with an Education minor

Cecily van Buren-Freedman '16

Cecily enjoys coloring books, WWII submarine movies, Mad Libs, and talking in a southern accent. On campus, she sings with Oxford Blues a cappella, dances with the Synergy Dance Company, gives tours for admissions, and DJs for WHRC. One day she would like to both visit Antarctica and learn to read wingdings.

Cecily van Buren-Freedman

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Psychology

Dylan Verner-Crist '16

When not trapped in the library Dylan mostly spends his time running as part of the track team and playing music with friends. He enjoys cynicism and is always free to have a pointy-headed and probably useless discussion about some aspect of modern social theory. To leave your number, press 5.

Dylan Verner-Crist

Hometown: Barrington, RI
Major: Sociology and Philosophy

Sarah Waldis '16

Sarah is from Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, only about 45 minutes away from Haverford. However, because she went to high school in the great First State, Delaware will forever hold a very special place in her heart. She is majoring in Biology and is also pre-med. Here at Haverford she plays on the field hockey team and is involved with Relay for Life. Some of her hobbies include staying caught up with Grey's Anatomy, talking in a British accent, and reading long books (preferably on the beach).

Sarah Waldis

Hometown: Glen Mills, PA
Major: Biology with an Education minor