Voting Information for Students

The Latest:

Voter Registration will be available on campus during First-Year Move-In Day, and throughout the early fall.

The next election is the Municipal General Election, on Tuesday November 5, 2019.
The last day to register to vote in the upcoming election is October 7, 2019.

Pennsylvania uses the closed primary system, therefore the primary elections are only for registered voters who have chosen a party affiliation of Democrat or Republican.

To confirm your status as a registered voter in Pennsylvania in advance of the primary, use the PA Department of State portal.

On the day of the Election, all on-campus residents, except those few who live in Cadbury House, will be able to vote on campus, inside the Facilities Management building.

Visit the Haverford Votes Facebook page for more information, and contact Professor Zach Oberfield with any questions.

Voting Map

Absentee Ballots

Each state has different deadlines for requesting absentee ballots. As the Primary Election takes place after the end of the semester, many Haverford students may choose to vote absentee. The last day to request a Pennsylvania absentee ballot (by mailing a paper form) is October 29, 2019. Utilize the resources at for help requesting an absentee ballot, and for information about deadlines for requesting and submitting your ballot. If necessary, envelopes and stamps for students submitting absentee ballots are available in the President's Office.

Registering to Vote

As college students, Haverford students may choose whether they would like to register and vote at their educational institution, or at their permanent home address. Students who register at their permanent home address may either travel home to vote, or complete an absentee ballot per their state’s procedures. Choosing between the two registration locations is entirely the decision of each student, and the College only seeks to provide all pertinent information.

Students who have not yet registered, wish to register in Pennsylvania, and are eligible, should complete the online registration form. Students should include their residence hall under Unit Number.

Students who have previously registered in Pennsylvania, and seek to confirm their status, should use the PA Department of State portal.

Polling Place Location for Registrants Using Their Campus Address:

All students living on campus, except those few who live in Cadbury House, live in Delaware County and vote inside the Facilities Management building. Those students living in Cadbury House live in Montgomery County, and vote at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

Study Abroad

In order to vote while overseas, students must complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) at to request an absentee ballot. The FPCA is a special absentee ballot for citizens who are living internationally during an election.

  • The FPCA must be completed and hard-copy mailed in regardless of whether it is a new or existing registration.
  • For more information about deadlines and voter eligibility, consult the Overseas Vote Foundation.
  • If a student has requested an absentee ballot and hasn’t received it from the state in time for the election, they may use the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB). The FWAB is an emergency backup ballot. This backup ballot can be completed using the FWAB online assistant by filling out the PDF or picking up a hard copy version from your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • If a student chooses to receive an absentee ballot via email, they still must print and mail the hard-copy back. These ballots may not be submitted by email.

Registration Data and Participation Results from local Delaware County precinct:

These totals are derived from the Pennsylvania Department of State's publicly available voter data, and only reflect those students registered and/or voting in the local precinct. Contact Franklyn Cantor ( with any questions.

  • 2018 General Election (Federal): 625 students registered, 510 students voted (81.6% participation)
  • 2018 Primary Election (Federal): 565 students registered, 138 students voted (24.4% participation)
  • 2017 General Election (Municipal): 640 students registered, 205 students voted (32% participation)
  • 2016 General Election (Presidential): 589 students registered, 523 students voted (88.8% participation)