Preparedness is paramount in a traveler’s ability to ensure a safe trip abroad.

All students and faculty traveling abroad through Haverford are required to have insurance that covers them throughout the travel experience.

Traveling abroad can be physically and mentally demanding, and illness or injury is always possible. All people traveling abroad through Haverford should receive a physical examination by a physician and a mental health practitioner, as needed. In addition, it may be necessary to receive vaccinations or travel medication (anti-malarials, etc.), depending on the host country.

Students should also contact their on-campus program advisor before departure to discuss any special medical conditions that may affect their participation in the program. When you travel, bring copies of prescriptions, and a medical authorization for any special medical equipment.

Travelers' Health

The Center for Disease Control offers comprehensive health resources for those traveling abroad.

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Health Services

Haverford Health Services offers a variety of immunizations and testing.

Travel Health
  • Disabilities and Travel Abroad

    While disabilities by no means should prevent any person from traveling abroad, they can present a challenge in mobility and accessibility. It is important to do extra research on the intended host country and programs, to make sure that accommodations can be adjusted according to need. Please contact Philip Rosenbaum, Coordinator of Disability Services at Haverford, and use these links for further resources.

  • Medical Consent for Domestic Partners

    Medical consent and visitation laws vary by country, but same-sex partners rarely have any legal standing when it comes to emergency hospitalization. If you are critically injured abroad, your partner may not be able to make medical decisions on your behalf, or even visit you in some circumstances. A Medical Power of Attorney is a simple legal document that confers in many countries the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf to anyone of your choosing. After having a lawyer draft the document for you, be sure to travel with notarized copies.

  • Study Abroad Pre-Departure Handbook

    Designed for students traveling abroad through Haverford's approved Study Abroad programs, the health and safety information contained inside is helpful for all travelers, regardless of age. Refer to this guide for information and advice on topics like vaccinations and immunizations, physical and mental health abroad, remedies for travelers’ diarrhea, documentation to carry with you while abroad, LGBTQ health and safety abroad, and sexual health.