While you're abroad, it is best to have a check‐in procedure with your family and/or academic department, including established dates and times for checking in.

Both are great ways to stay in touch, but try not to overuse them or you'll end up missing what is going on around you.
If you will be abroad for awhile, remember that regular mail still works! Sending a package or letter can take anywhere from six days to two or three weeks to reach you from the US, and vice versa.
One of the most popular and affordable means of international communication! Skype offers free voice or video chats from computer to computer and has an affordable computer to phone option that allows students to call any phone number from their computer.
Blogs can be a great way to inform friends and family of your adventures while abroad. Most sites allow you to upload photos to go along with your descriptions. Many services are available and offer free accounts, such as Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress. Some are even specific to traveling, such as Travel Blog. Blogging or journaling is also a great way to remember your trip, decompress after stressful situations, or even just expound on the wonders of foreign cuisine.
If you have a digital camera or smartphone, you can also post a Postcard From Abroad on Haverford's website. You can also create/share photos via sites like Flickr, Picasa, and Instagram, among others. This, along with e-mailing photos, is a great way to include your friends and loved ones in your experiences abroad, putting faces to names and showing them what your words cannot describe.
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