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HCA Summer Rentals: FAQ

  1. I have not secured a summer job yet but I still want to sign up for an apartment in case I am able to get a job. Can I apply and back out later?
    • Yes, we strongly suggest that you apply now. On the application please indicate that your summer job is TBD. If you secure a summer position please email us ( so we can update your application. If you are unable to find a job or decide you do not want an HCA apartment for the summer you can back out at anytime before signing the lease.
  2. When can I move into my summer HCA apartment?
    • You can move in on May 23 or May 24 (8:00am-4:00pm both days).
  3. Why do we move into Gummere for the first week of housing?
    • In previous years most (if not all) apartments have needed significant cleaning and repairs. Many students were extremely unhappy with the move in conditions. In order to respond to these concerns, and address serious problems before the new academic year, Facilities is going to do a light cleaning and make major repairs and/or schedule repairs prior to summer occupants moving in. The nature of the cleaning and repairs will be such that apartments cannot be occupied during this week. We have made rooms available in Gummere for the first week of the summer at a reduced rate.
  4. Will there be help available for moving my things from Gummere to HCA?
    • Yes, a truck will be available on Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The truck will be on Hall Drive (near Gummere 1st/1st) on the hour (8am, 9am, 10am,...,4pm). You are responsible for putting all of your belongings in the truck and removing them at the HCA drop points. The truck will only transport belongings, no passengers.
  5. Gummere does not have any cooking facilities; will there be any type of meals offered?
    • We are not able to offer a meal plan during this time. The Coop is open for breakfast and lunch.
  6. If I don't want Facilities to clean or make repairs to my apartment, can I move in on May 17, 2015?
    • No, we are unable to make any exceptions to the new policy. The nature of the cleaning and repair work will not permit occupancy of the apartment buildings during this week. Facilities needs to get into every apartment, with no occupants, in order to assess necessary damages and repairs. We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve HCA life during the academic year.
  7. How do I sign my lease and pick up my key?
    • You must sign your lease online through this website; you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete this. You will receive email confirmation indicating when you have to pay your first month's rent and when to pick up your key.
  8. Will I be able to get an apartment for the summer?
    • Apartments are assigned on a first come first served basis. Applications will be made available in early Spring. Haverford College students get first priority, followed by Bryn Mawr students and then all others.
  9. How much is the rent and how do I sign up for an apartment?
    • Please refer to the application process for all this information
  10. Can more than 3 people live in a two bedroom and more than 2 live in a one bedroom apartment?
    • No. HCA summer rentals are handled differently than school year housing. The maximum occupancy for a 2 bedroom apartment is 3 people. The maximum occupancy for a 1 bedroom apartment is 2 people. There are no exceptions.
  11. I am currently living at HCA and would like to remain in my apartment for the summer. Is this possible?
    • It is highly likely you will be assigned a new apartment as part of the application process. We will do our best to honor requests, but we can not guarantee a specific apartment. In addition, all apartments must be vacated according the deadlines on the Housing summer closing notice.
  12. Is it possible to stay in my apartment after the lease expiration date?
    • No. We are unable to give extensions because of the short period between summer housing and the school year. In order to make necessary repairs we must have all apartments vacated by August 1, 2015 12noon. We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve HCA life during the academic year.
  13. When is my rent due?
    • Rent is due at the first of the month. Late charges will apply if rent is not paid on time.
  14. I have another question, comment or concern. Who can I contact?
    • The Office of Summer Programs handles all HCA Summer Rentals. Please email Our office is located in Campus Center 007 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm). If this is an emergency please contact Safety and Security, 610-896-1111.