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Camps & Conferences: Summer Card

Fresh, delicious food prepared at The Coop

Fresh food being prepared at The Coop, just one of the places on campus where you can use your SummerCard.

All of the summer programs on Haverford's campus are required to utilize the SummerCard.

The primary reason these cards are used during the summer months is to identify those individuals that belong on the campus. Since we house participants of various ages, after dusk and before dawn only individuals with these unique cards will be permitted on the college campus. While visitors are always welcome, they are carefully screened prior to entering the college by our security personnel.

In addition, the SummerCard is used to enter all of our dorms, houses and dining center. Card readers on all exterior doors of residential buildings eliminates the use of keys when enter the dorms, making your experience much safer and more convenient. The doors are constantly monitored in our security dispatch center, ensuring the safety of every participant. Summer programs also use the SummerCard to gain access to the dining center. These cards act as a meal pass and guarantee that only participants of your program are dining with you.