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Camps & Conferences: Facilities

Fitness Center

The Douglas B. Gardner '83 Integrated Athletic Center is an aesthetically pleasing 100,000-square-foot complex that encourages and enhances athletic participation with state-of-the-art fitness, exercise, and training facilities.

Haverford College's facilities offer a perfect environment for any summer camp or conference.

Haverford offers a wide selection of classroom space including: fully equipped auditoriums, "smart classrooms", multipurpose rooms, and general classroom space. Many of our classrooms are customizable, allowing us to fit your unique requirements. In addition, large multipurpose rooms can accommodate almost any activity.

The Haverford College Athletic Department strives to provide the best possible facilities for the summer programs. The college athletic facilities include: four squash courts, twelve outdoor tennis courts, outdoor track, softball field, baseball field, soccer fields, lacrosse fields, and pool, as well as a versatile field house which can accommodate basketball, volleyball, tennis and track. Our nature trail has also become a very popular recreational attraction during the summer months.