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  • The Study Abroad blog is an ongoing blog hosted by the Office of International Academic Programs. Students studying abroad for a semester or a full year share their experiences with the community.

    Latest Post: Roman Realities

    I’ve now been in Rome for two weeks, and here are some realities I’ve observed that are very different in America. 1. There are no lanes on the road. Thank god I don’t drive because I would not survive the chaos. 2. It’s September and THERE ARE STILL MOSQUITOES. And they wil...

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  • Study Abroad in Sweden
    Henri Drake '15 is spending the spring 2014 semester at Lund University.
    IES Abroad
    Anh Nguyen '16 is spending the spring 2014 semester with IES Nagoya.
    Little Maya Big World
    Astrophysics major Maya Barlev '12 traveled the world on a Watson Scholarship.
    the prague blog
    Allison Kandel '14 spent fall of her Junior year in Prague in the Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis program.
    Oxford in a Year
    Ben Walter '13 spent his junior year at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University.
    Susannah's Scandinavian Semester
    Anthropology major Susannah Butters '13 studied in in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Helvetica Bold. Arielle Bold.
    French major Arielle Harris '13 studied in France with Sweet Briar.
    A New Yorker in Paris
    Psychology major Nora Landis-Shack '13 studied in France with Sweet Briar.
    A Semester in Seville
    Biology major Elizabeth Lamkin '13 studied in Spain with Sweet Briar.
    Speak Like A Moroccan
    Matt Cebul '13 was an exchange student at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane Morocco sharing pictures/thoughts/stories.
    wanderlust: a watson year
    Madeline Kreider-Carlson '10 spent a year traveling the world (Guatemala, Egypt, Uganda, Indonesia, Mongolia) as a Watson Fellow.
    IES: Raffi Williams
    Anthropology major Raffi Williams shares his experiences studying in Berlin during the fall of 2009.
    127 Egyptian Nights
    Michael Novinson '10 was a political science major, education minor. He studied abroad in Cairo during the spring semester of 2009.
    Message From Melbourne
    Lee Anderson '15 is studying in Australia during the spring 2014 semester.
    Hi From Hyderbad
    Sarah Eppler-Epstein '15 is abroad in India.
    Reggae in Prague
    Misha Baker '10 infiltrated the underground reggae and ska scene to explore youth identity transformations and cultural movements as well as the theme of social justice through music using the Czech Republic as her research site.
    Postcards from Paris
    French major Grant Firestone '10 returned to the "City of Lights" for a summer internship at the International Herald Tribune.
    Peacebuilding: Architecture in Belfast
    Meghan McAllister '10 researched the architecture of social housing in Belfast, finding ways to incorporate peacebuilding into the design process of social housing in highly religiously segregated neighborhoods.
    Democracy in Niger
    Nick Lotito '10 traveled to Niger to work with the Nigerien Movement for the Defense and Promotion of Democratic and Human Rights.
    X-Street Children in Nicaragua
    Maggie Bishop '10 went to Nicaragua to work with Asociación Los Quinchos, an intricate program for former glue-sniffing street children.
    Oral History in Bali
    LinKai Jiang '11 was in Bali, taking courses on human rights, social science research methodologies and ethics, while also doing field research.
    Fords Down Under
    Biology majors Andrew Rech '09, Theonie Anastassiadis '09 and Alexander Davies '09 blogged about their adventures while studying abroad for a semester at the University of Melbourne in Australia.