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IES Nantes

  • Location: Nantes, France
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Language of Instruction: French
  • Class Eligibility: Sophomores, junior and seniors


COVID-19 Protocols and Travel Warnings

  • You can read about this program’s COVID-19 safety protocols at this link, then read the CDC Travel Warning and U.S. State Department Travel Advisory at the respective links. For more information about Haverford College Study Abroad and the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, read the Study Abroad homepage here.
  • IES requires all study abroad students to be fully vaccinated before they can participate in any IES program. 

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The once vital port city is now a leader in technology and international industries, and was recently ranked one of the best cities in France for quality of life. Nantes is located at the mouth of the Loire River just 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is rich in tradition, offering a quintessential image of French society. The IES Center occupies two floors of a 19th Century residential building that is a few steps from the city’s historical center. It is the only permanent American study abroad program in Nantes and allows ample opportunity to practice French.


Students must have completed four semesters of college-level French (intermediate or the equivalent). Students must be enrolled in a French course the semester prior to study abroad. Students must also enroll in an appropriate-level IES French language course.

Academic Credit

Each semester, students must carry 15 semester credit hours. Students are not permitted to take less than 15 credits unless they have the permission of their dean and advisor in advance. Major, minor, and concentration transfer credit will only be granted for courses in which students received a grade of a C or above. French Majors/minors must take the majority of their courses in French at one of the Universities. Non-French Majors/Minors must enroll in at least two courses at one of the Universities. There are no English options in this program! Students with intermediate level French or above are expected to take courses at the University.

French major/minors must have completed the 100-level series of French courses or one course at the 200-level during the semester prior to studying abroad.


IES courses in French Language, Art History, Comparative Literature, Economics, French, History, Literature, Music, Political Science, History, International Business, Literature, Theater, Political Science, and Sociology. Courses are available in humanities and social and natural sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics. Lab component must be arranged in advance) at the Université de Nantes, Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes, Fine Arts courses in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Photography at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Audencia (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Nantes), and Conservatoire National de Région.

Course Highlights

Africana Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Archaeology, Architecture, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Cities, Classics, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Drawing, East Asian Studies, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Feminine & Gender Studies, Film, Fine Arts, French, Geology, Health Studies, History, Instrumental Instruction, Language and Literature, Latin American Studies, Law, Life Drawing, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Math, Music, Painting, Peace & Conflict Studies, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Religion, Sculpture, Sociology, Theater, Urban Studies

Note: Changes occur frequently. Students are responsible for finding the classes they need and consulting the official site of the institution.

Review the Full Academic Requirements for Studying Abroad


Includes travel outside of Nantes and one-week intensive language course before the start of courses.

Number of Students

Approximately 50-60 students attend each semester.

Housing/Meal Plans

Students are housed private rooms with local families who live close to  downtown Nantes and the IES Abroad Center and students are able to travel easily on public  transportation or by foot. In order to facilitate immersion, only one IES Abroad student is housed  with each family in a private room. Host family provides breakfast daily and 5 evening meals per  week. Housing is not provided between semesters. Academic year students who remain in Nantes  during this period are responsible for arranging and paying for their own housing and meals during  this time. Haverford students may not opt for housing not arranged by the program.


Program Notes: Strict “French Only” policy applies at all times; students must speak French for the entire program. Upon enrolling in the IES Abroad Nantes, students are automatically registered at the Université de Nantes, and have access to university facilities, including libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, and sports facilities and are welcome to join student clubs such as the University Chorale Society and other social and sports organizations.

IES Abroad Zoom Around the World Virtual Information Sessions

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  • Semester I: Late August to mid-December
  • Semester II: Early January to early May

Application Deadlines

  • Semester I: March 1
  • Semester II: October 1

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